WildFlower Drizzy Case Review

Hey lovelies! I really wanted to share my experience with purchasing from Wildflower, I thought it would be nice to have a review up since there aren’t very many. WildFlower started off as a small business and has quickly become popular, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and famous Youtubers using their cases. With the Canadian dollar being in the gutter I was hesitant to purchase a case, however, I quickly changed my mind when I realized they had a drake case. I’ve been a huge fan of drake since his Degrassi days, what can I say the fangirl in me led me to purchase the case. Now their cases are $35USD and shipping to Canada is $9.99USD. After the conversion I ended up paying almost $60CAD. Yes, this may be a tad bit pricey but I’ve paid almost that much for Kate Spade cases before.  When my packaged arrived it came in this white bubble mailer. After making your purchase they send you a coupon to get, I believe 10% off your next order.

They wrapped my case in this tissue, using the sticker to close it.

They also sell stickers that you can add on to your order but they provide you with three complimentary stickers. They’re a nice size, almost the size of my palms.

This is the case itself, now the picture does not do it justice. The back is a glossy plastic while the inside is a fabric. It has a black border that is raised to give your screen some protection if it were to fall. There are only two things I wanted to comment on. The first thing being the difficulty of pushing the buttons, however, I am already noticing my power button is “breaking in.” I’m assuming that eventually it’ll be easier to push. The second thing I wanted to comment on was the shipping, I am fully aware that they have no control over shipping but I did want to make a comment on it. I purchased the case April 15 and was happy to know it came with tracking but after April 22 when it had entered Canadian customs, I did not know where my package was until it arrived May 5th. I’m assuming the tracking is only good if it is within the states, something to keep in mind for Canadian buyers or other countries outside the U.S. Overall, I am super excited to finally have my case!


IKEA Stodja Flatware Tray Interior Organizer as Interior Organizer

Hello Beauties! I wanted to share an affordable interior organizer for the Alex makeup drawers. For ages I had been search for something that wasn’t $20 per acrylic organizer and I’m glad I found it. This tray retails for $3.99 in Canadian Ikea’s. It is 11×20″ so it fits perfectly in the Ikea Alex drawers. It is made out of a plastic material and come sin only white.

There are five sections in the tray to put your makeup in. I love that i finally found something that wasn’t expensive, has more than enough room to fit things and that fits perfectly in the drawer! If you’re looking for somewhere to store your makeup in, give this a try.