MAMBI Happy Planner Overview & First Impression

Hey Planner Addicts! Today I will be doing an overview and first impressions on the MAMBI Happy Planner that I recently picked up. A couple of weeks ago I made another post about the Ban.Do planner that I had purchased and don’t get my wrong that is an awesome planner for those who really like the horizontal layout but I’ve had my heart set on a vertical layout ever since I set my eyes on the Erin Condren. Unwillingly to pay the almost $91 at the time because of the planner itself, shipping and conversion I wanted to look into alternatives. A lot of people suggested the Plum Paper Planner but unfortunately it was going to be roughly the same, maybe $10-$15 cheaper. When I was ready to lose hope I found the MAMBI Happy Planner online! it was priced at $24.99 online and a fellow blogger had posted a ton of pictures of their product on their blog on Michaels. Thankfully my Michaels is one of the few cities in Canada that do have the planners! Priced at $34.95CAD before tax was a steal and Michaels is amazing they always have coupons so I used a 30% off coupon and got the planner for $27CAD with taxes! There are 4 different cover options for this planner. I went with everyday is a gift planner. The front and back are laminated which I love!

The coils are plastic and have hearts. One thing that makes this planner great is that it is customizable because you can actually remove or add the pages! I haven’t added any pages but it is really nice to know that I have that option. You can also change the coils, I believe they are roughly $9CAD before taxes at Michaels. 

This is the first page that has the 2015-2016 on it. On the sides you can see there are actually tabs for each month and I love that it is slightly thicker.
  This is the second page of the planner. One thing I did notice versus the planner there is pretty much no artwork but it’s still amazing. 

Now this planner starts in July but I removed it because I got in August so I didn’t feel there was a need to keep it. All the months have this page where on the top it gives you the previous monthly view, current and upcoming. They give you space for birthdays, special events, important dates, don’t forget and goals for each month. I’m not sure if I’ll use this much but it’s a great option to have because there is no notes pages. 

They have a monthly view that had a space for notes on the side. 

Lastly what makes this so much like the Erin condren is the vertical layout which is what I fell in love with ! The boxes are slightly taller but the width is the same. On the left side it has the monthly view and some space to write notes. It does have the morning, afternoon and evening spots like the old Erin condren which I know annoyed some people but personally it doesn’t really bother me. It also has slightly coloured weekend boxes to match the colour scheme but personally doesn’t bother me and can be easily covered up if I wanted to do a different colour scheme. One thing to add is that the days of the week is also black so makes it a lot easier to plan different colours. One thing I do worry about with this planner is how long the pages are going to hold because they do have a little slit to remove and add so I’m worried that after a couple months it’ll fall out. Overall I am super impressed and excited to continue to plan in this planner! It is definitely a great alternative to to Erin condren. Happy planning planners !


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