Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner Review


Hey everyone ! Today I’ll be doing a review on the Maybelinne Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner by Eyestudio. I purchased this at Walmart for roughly $8CAD before taxes and is pretty much available anywhere that Maybelline is sold at. The product itself comes in a very small bottle.

I picked up the shade black but there are an additional 5 shades: a purple, green, brown, navy and a darker teal colour. You get 1.6mL of product.


The eyeliner brush is a felt tip and is targeted as a “duo” brush to achieve a thinner side when flipped to the side or a thicker line when laid flat. The eyeliner brush itself is pretty sturdy so drawing the line was not the problem. Although a great idea it was not executed well. I found that it was very hard to get a nice line. I couldn’t really get it as thin as I wanted but instead got an extremely thick like even when I went to make a thinner line it would be light.

Here I provided some swatches. Although a great concept it doesn’t perform well. The eyeliner itself is far too light to be used. I found myself going over it multiply times to get the black to not look streaky on my lid. I did several swatches, the long line being the “thicker” part of the brush and the short line being the “thinner” part. Another interesting I found about this eyeliner is that I found it basically peeling off. It didn’t require much makeup remover because it would just peel off. Although a warning to oily lids out there it’s a disaster waiting to happen! I could tell it was fading even more especially because this product isn’t the most pigmented. Overall I wasn’t really impressed with this product and I don’t recommend giving it a try. Until next time !


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