Makeup Brushes & Sponge Collection         

 Today I wanted to share my makeup brushes and sponges collection with you all! I also wanted to mention that this is in no way a review for these brushes, reviews are on the way but I might mention some things on them. Starting with my eBay brushes, you might remember them being hauled on one of my other posts I got this whole set for such an affordable price. It includes 4 smaller brushes that can be used for face or eyes and 4 larger brushes for the face.  These are the rest of my eBay brushes: a contour brush and a real techniques look a like blush brush. IMG_5839

I have the ELF small stipple Brush and two powder brushes (on in packaging) that is awesome and can be used for a lot of other things.

IMG_5837Next I have some Real Technique brushes that are amazing! starting from the left I have a detailer brush, 2 buffing brushes, contour brush, sculpting brush, and a pointed foundation brush. These are very nice and affordable makeup brushes that last a lifetime. Prices range from $10-$14CAD per brush.


EcoTools has been one of the oldest brands I’ve been using since i started wearing makeup, you can tell by the extremely outdated material of the brushes. I’ve had some of my brushes for years and they still continue to be in the best shape! Not only are the affordable but they also use recycled material to make the brushes. Starting from the left I have a powder brush, blending brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush, buffing brush, correcting concealer brush and a skin perfecting brush. Their brushes range from $4-$10CAD.

IMG_5841 Last but not least my makeup sponges. I have Three beauty blenders and one real techniques sponge. I know it might have been a bit strange to make a collection video on a blog but i wanted to try it out to see if it worked. Until next time!


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