Hard Candy Fox In A box Blush in Hot Flash Review  

  Hey all! Today I wanted to share this review on the Hard Candy Fox In a Box blush in Hot Flash. Now I did not see it listed on the website so I’m not sure if this has been discontinued but I still see it in my local Walmart. I purchased this for roughly $6CAD before tax and is sold exclusively through Walmart. The box blushes were introduced a number of years ago which I assumed was to compete with the Benefit boxed blushes that were really popular. The boxed blushes come in 3 different shades: Hot flash, Smooth Talker and Spicy and Sweet. They have two more boxed products in the line but those are blush and bronzer duos: Skinny Dipping and Truth or Dare. Hot Flash is the more brighter of the three, Smooth Talker is a more neutral and Spicy and Sweet being the more lighter pinks. This blush comes with 5.7g of product and a brush that should be tossed out because it does nothing.   There are four squares with different blush colours. A blush brush is too big to try to get individual colours but it is doable. Kind of making it 5 blush colours when mixed. 

These are the swatches starting from the bottom right and working my way to the top right. The last swatch is the colour that appears when swatched together, as you can see the red has a huge presence in the blush colour because it is bright. The blush itself is a bit chalky and produces a lot fallout due to the whole idea of swirling it to get all the colours into one. I do have to say it does last throughout my whole work day and you can slowly begin to see it fade after the 6 hour mark. I don’t hate this product but I also don’t love it. I probably will not be repurchasing this but it’s a decent drugstore blush for those one the look for one. Unfortunately there are so many good drugstore blushes that outshine this one that there isn’t really a need to buy this. I’d definitely recommend skipping out on this one. Until next time!


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