Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser Review

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be doing a review on the Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser. I picked this up way back when Target was still in Canada and boy oh boy did I find a gem. For the longest of time I had been using baby shampoo to clean my brushes and it was doing the job but at a slower pace. I picked up this cleanser with the hopes of finding a wonderful product and for $5.99CAD before tax it was a steal. For $5.99 you’re getting 150mL of product that comes with a pump because it’s a spray cleanser. This has got to be one of the greatest products I have ever picked up! It cleans my brushes so well and even when I use a lot of product I still have plenty. Doesn’t damage my brushes from what I have seen and completely takes out the stains. The only negative thing I could think of is that it isn’t available in Canada anymore because target shut down and also the spray kind of comes out very direct, instead of a mist. Overall I am so impressed with this product! I definitely recommend for you guys to pick it up. My only regret is that I didn’t stock up when I had the chance!


BAN.DO 17 Month Large Agenda – Florabunda Overview

Hello lovely readers! It is that time again, Planning Friday’s ! I think that Friday’s will now be the day for anything planning related but moving on I know a couple weeks back I posted a little sneak peak of my planner and decided that it was about time to show you the inside, especially because I haven’t seen a lot of posts or Youtube videos about this planner. Currently this is the only large agenda that is available on the website in this print. They do have 3 other agendas but are much smaller that are available on the website or in Canada Chapters also carries them for $32CAD before taxes. The front is made of a cardboard that does add some weight to the planner.

The first thing you’ll see when you open the planner is this little pocket that says You are the stars, you are the galaxy and the other side also has the pocket but no writing on it. The next page which I didn’t include was just a blank page where you out your name.     Next page includes a whole sheet of stickers that vary from size, I don’t have any immediate plans to use these stickers just because they aren’t really stickers that I would use but it’s nice to have them there as an option just in case I did want to use them.
  This page right here includes the legend to cracking the secret sentence that can be seen throughout some of the pages in the planner, I haven’t started but doesn’t seem hard.  This page is an overview of the 2016-2017 year. On the sides there are “tabs” that help you go to a month. They’re really just the paper but cut in a certain way to create these tabs.
  On this page they have a year worth and some space to jot down any major things or anything really you feel worth jotting down. As you can see on the bottom of the page theres those secret symbols.   This page is dedicated to holidays, it’s a mix of some silly ones like: hug your cat day, national strawberry day and roller coaster day but do include real ones such as: New year’s day, mother’s day and Thanksgiving. One thing to keep in mind for Canadians these are American holidays.

Throughout the whole agenda they have two pages dedicated to the month, there is usually artwork on one page and come writing on the next. This is for the month of August. What would have been on the next page if I had included it would be two one sided pages dedicated for notes and there is notes for all the months.     This is the overview of my month of August, as you can see i’ve already started jotting down some things. On the left side they give you some room to jot down any notes and below it they have the previous and the upcoming month. The different coloured boxes in the monthly view are the holidays.
 Finally the daily layout is a horizontal layout much like the new Erin Condren. As you can see I have started planning and on the bottom of the right page they had little motivational/friendly sentences. Overall I am enjoying this planner although a little on the heavier side, it doesn’t bother me and I definitely think it’s a great option if you don’t want to spend the money on the Erin Condren. Until our next Planning Friday!

Essence All About Matt! Fixing compact Powder Review 

Hey Beauties! Today I’m going to talk about the Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact powder. Now one thing I really love about Essence is just how affordable they are for the amount of product you get. I paid $3.99CAD before tax for this product and you get a whooping 8.0g of product which is amazing for the price. Essence is available in Canada at Shoppers Drugmart. Moving on to the product itself except after 3 hours my nose began to oil up but aside from that I do have to say that I overall this did help my foundation stay on approximately 9 hours but compared to others it is a bit on the chalky/powdery side and it will also cling on to dry spots on the skin. I had no problems with the white popping up it blended in perfectly.

The packaging itself is made out of plastic and after opening and closing it the lid doesn’t close anymore which is a shame because the powder can get exposed to things more easily because it won’t close. You do have to play with this to make sure you don’t look like your skin has gotten the moisture sucked out of it but it is worth a try! Although I won’t be repurchasing this immediately I do feel if you’re looking for a translucent powder to try giving this one a shot, afterall you can’t go wrong with a $4.00 powder. Until next time!

Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner Review


Hey everyone ! Today I’ll be doing a review on the Maybelinne Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner by Eyestudio. I purchased this at Walmart for roughly $8CAD before taxes and is pretty much available anywhere that Maybelline is sold at. The product itself comes in a very small bottle.

I picked up the shade black but there are an additional 5 shades: a purple, green, brown, navy and a darker teal colour. You get 1.6mL of product.


The eyeliner brush is a felt tip and is targeted as a “duo” brush to achieve a thinner side when flipped to the side or a thicker line when laid flat. The eyeliner brush itself is pretty sturdy so drawing the line was not the problem. Although a great idea it was not executed well. I found that it was very hard to get a nice line. I couldn’t really get it as thin as I wanted but instead got an extremely thick like even when I went to make a thinner line it would be light.

Here I provided some swatches. Although a great concept it doesn’t perform well. The eyeliner itself is far too light to be used. I found myself going over it multiply times to get the black to not look streaky on my lid. I did several swatches, the long line being the “thicker” part of the brush and the short line being the “thinner” part. Another interesting I found about this eyeliner is that I found it basically peeling off. It didn’t require much makeup remover because it would just peel off. Although a warning to oily lids out there it’s a disaster waiting to happen! I could tell it was fading even more especially because this product isn’t the most pigmented. Overall I wasn’t really impressed with this product and I don’t recommend giving it a try. Until next time !

Makeup Brushes & Sponge Collection         

 Today I wanted to share my makeup brushes and sponges collection with you all! I also wanted to mention that this is in no way a review for these brushes, reviews are on the way but I might mention some things on them. Starting with my eBay brushes, you might remember them being hauled on one of my other posts I got this whole set for such an affordable price. It includes 4 smaller brushes that can be used for face or eyes and 4 larger brushes for the face.  These are the rest of my eBay brushes: a contour brush and a real techniques look a like blush brush. IMG_5839

I have the ELF small stipple Brush and two powder brushes (on in packaging) that is awesome and can be used for a lot of other things.

IMG_5837Next I have some Real Technique brushes that are amazing! starting from the left I have a detailer brush, 2 buffing brushes, contour brush, sculpting brush, and a pointed foundation brush. These are very nice and affordable makeup brushes that last a lifetime. Prices range from $10-$14CAD per brush.


EcoTools has been one of the oldest brands I’ve been using since i started wearing makeup, you can tell by the extremely outdated material of the brushes. I’ve had some of my brushes for years and they still continue to be in the best shape! Not only are the affordable but they also use recycled material to make the brushes. Starting from the left I have a powder brush, blending brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush, buffing brush, correcting concealer brush and a skin perfecting brush. Their brushes range from $4-$10CAD.

IMG_5841 Last but not least my makeup sponges. I have Three beauty blenders and one real techniques sponge. I know it might have been a bit strange to make a collection video on a blog but i wanted to try it out to see if it worked. Until next time!

Hard Candy Fox In A box Blush in Hot Flash Review  

  Hey all! Today I wanted to share this review on the Hard Candy Fox In a Box blush in Hot Flash. Now I did not see it listed on the website so I’m not sure if this has been discontinued but I still see it in my local Walmart. I purchased this for roughly $6CAD before tax and is sold exclusively through Walmart. The box blushes were introduced a number of years ago which I assumed was to compete with the Benefit boxed blushes that were really popular. The boxed blushes come in 3 different shades: Hot flash, Smooth Talker and Spicy and Sweet. They have two more boxed products in the line but those are blush and bronzer duos: Skinny Dipping and Truth or Dare. Hot Flash is the more brighter of the three, Smooth Talker is a more neutral and Spicy and Sweet being the more lighter pinks. This blush comes with 5.7g of product and a brush that should be tossed out because it does nothing.   There are four squares with different blush colours. A blush brush is too big to try to get individual colours but it is doable. Kind of making it 5 blush colours when mixed. 

These are the swatches starting from the bottom right and working my way to the top right. The last swatch is the colour that appears when swatched together, as you can see the red has a huge presence in the blush colour because it is bright. The blush itself is a bit chalky and produces a lot fallout due to the whole idea of swirling it to get all the colours into one. I do have to say it does last throughout my whole work day and you can slowly begin to see it fade after the 6 hour mark. I don’t hate this product but I also don’t love it. I probably will not be repurchasing this but it’s a decent drugstore blush for those one the look for one. Unfortunately there are so many good drugstore blushes that outshine this one that there isn’t really a need to buy this. I’d definitely recommend skipping out on this one. Until next time!