Mini Sephora, Michael Kors & Kate Spade Haul

Hey all! Today I have a mini sephora haul to share with you guys. I picked up the famous Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation ($42CAD before tax) and let me tell you holy beans ! I tested it once and boy oh boy you really do not need more than one pump. I also picked up the Make Up For Ever mattifying primer and the smoothing primer for $19 it’s the 0.5 Fl oz. I also got the Nars Lip Pencils because it is this years birthday present for Sephora members. I’ll try to have a review or first impressions on these products as I use them more.

  I finally got my hands on the Selma Large Saffinano Leather Satchel in black (thanks to le Hubs). I’ve been lusting for this bag for years but could never justify purchasing it but at last I have it! I’ll also be sure to make a review on this bag once I’ve used it a bit more!
 For the last thing in this mini haul is Kate Spade A La Vita Ostrich Zip Travel Wallet. I’ve also been lusting for this Travel Wallet ever since I saw a customer have it. It’s an amazingly huge wallet with 18 credit cards slots! Unfortunately the lady at Kate Spade told me that you can only purchase this through the website so I jumped on it when I saw it at $89USD. After shipping, conversion, a 15% off coupon and taxes and duties it came to $128CAD which is a steal compared to the original $248USD price tag which would have been close to $300 with the Canadian being so weak. Although it wasn’t the ideal colour I would have chosen first I’m still super glad I was able to get my hands on it for such a cheap price, compared to the original. I’l definitely be doing a review on this wallet!


2 thoughts on “Mini Sephora, Michael Kors & Kate Spade Haul

  1. binarybeautynz says:

    I have always wanted to try the kat von d foundation, but there is no way for my to swatch it or find my colour match! I will just have to live vicariously through others!

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