Etsy Planner Sticker Haul Ft. PlannerMania, let’s Plan It, A Sticky Monster, Rory’s Sweet Addiction, Stickers Gonna Stick, CCheeks Designs & Planner Frenzy

Hey everyone! I know usually I do more beauty posts but I kind of wanted to share my planning addiction on this blog as well. For every planner posts I make I’ll also be posting a beauty related posts to balance it out. I have a HUGE planner sticker haul to share with you all. The first of many shops I’ll be sharing with you is PlannerMania, she included her business card and no thank you card or freebies. I purchased the Date night stickers that contains 27 stickers for $3.17USD & 20 piggy bank stickers for $3.17USD. The general shipping is estimated at $3.50 but I paid a little bit cheaper. I ordered it on May 24th and received it on June 10th. 

let’s Plan It included a very nice thank you card but no business card. She was super sweet and included a freebie sample sheet which is really nice and 2 mini banners. The colours for her stickers is really nice. I purchased her Eyebrow stickers for $3.14USD and general shipping is $2.00. She is one of the very few that has excellent eyebrow stickers. I ordered the sticker June 10th and received it on June 18th.

A Sticky Monster is an excellent and affordable sticker shop! I originally fell in love with her Netflix stickers because not many shops have them. She included a business card and a freebie but no thank you card. The first sticker on the left was a freebie that she gave me. The next sticker is the Netflix that were $2.50USD, The dollar stickers were $2.00USD, The paw stickers were $2.00USD, the phone stickers were $2.00USD and popcorn stickers were $2.50USD. As you can see her stickers are amazing quality for such an affordable price. I ordered the stickers on June 16th and received on June 24th. General shipping is priced at $3.79USD. 

Rory’s Sweet Addiction included a thank you card and some freebies but no business card. the first set of stickers on the left with the hearts was a freebie sheet that she threw in and she included a freebie mini sheet which was very kind of her. I ordered the oil change stickers $4.00USD, the dog food and bowl stickers $4.00USD and the shampoo bottles for $4.00USD. Her stickers are great quality and on matte sticker paper. General shipping is priced at $6.96USD and I ordered on June 10th and received it on June 26th. Also to add her shipping does include tracking but does take a bit to actually update you. 

This shop I have ordered before and I was so in love with the great customer service I actually ordered from them again. Stickers Gonna Stick included a new sticker freebie sheet, a business card and a thank you card with a coupon. I reordered the piggy payday stickers but in glossy for $3.99USD, the small circle dots for $4.34USD and the circles with exclamation marks for $4.34USD. Even though they live in Italy they’re amazingly fast. I ordered June 7th and received my package on June 19th. General shipping is priced as $5.65. 

CCheeksDesigns included a than you card with all their information and a sticker freebie. I purchased the hair straightener stickers for $3.50USD, the makeup brushes for $3.50USD and the heart checklist $3.50USD. General shipping was priced as $2.72USD. I ordered my stickers on June 4th and received them on June 22. 

The last shop is one of those shops that provide a bunch of stickers almost like buying them in bulk. Instead of putting it on one sheet they provide you with two sheets of stickers. It was very affordable for the amount you get. She did not include a business card or thank you card but included a freebie sheet. The first stickers I purchased was the asterisk stickers for $5.00USD, laptop stickers $5.00USD, heart checklist for $5.00USD, mini check mark stickers for $5.00USD. 

I also ordered car stickers for $4.40USD, Tv stickers for $4.40USD and presents for $5.00USD. Shipping was a bit more at $7.95 but definitely worth it because you get a bunch of stickers! I ordered them June 7th and received them June 23rd. Tracking is provided but takes a while to update, still saying its on its way. Until next time!


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