Etsy Planner Sticker Haul Featuring StickersGonnaStick & PaperLovingMommy

  Hello loves, I know this is something a bit different but I wanted to share this with you because planning is becoming a greater part of what I am doing. Especially because I need to be organized while working, going to school and having a social life. I’ve recently become addicted to Etsy and purchasing stickers for my planner! My very first purchase was from StickersGonnaStick thats run by Roberta & Elena. They were very sweet and included a business card and a hand written thank you with a coupon for their shop.
  I purchased the 100 bookmark/flags stickers on the left for $4.30USD in the bright and glossy. My only complaint with this sticker pack is there is a lot of white left over. The second thing I got is the 62 Heart Sticker Check List stickers in matte. Now I didn’t know I was getting this in matte but I don’t hate it, it’s really nice. I purchased this for $3.96USD.  The last thing I purchased from her store was this 60 Piggy bank “Pay day” stickers for $3.96USD in matte. I didn’t know I had purchased this in matte but it is still very nice but the glossy one is a little but more vibrant. They were extremely sweet to also include this sticker sheet set which they didn’t have to. The whole sticker set is glossy and as you can see I have already begun to use it. Shipping is quoted at $3.29 but can vary on how much you purchase. I ended up getting some money refunded to me because shipping was a little bit cheaper. Shipping was overall extremely fast considering it came from Italy. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was that it came in a paper envelope like the ones used traditionally for letter, I didn’t like it because it came ripped at the top. I purchased my stickers on May 24th and received them 9 days later in the mail. Overall I am really enjoying these stickers and definitely recommend people to head over to their shop!   The next sticker purchase I made was from PaperLovingMommy. I ordered 49 scale stickers for $4.00USD, they come in different colours and are matte but are really nice considering. All the stickers are nicely cut. The next stickers I purchased are the 36 Credit card stickers for $4.00USD. They also come in different colours and are matte.   The last set of stickers I purchased were these 60 dog stickers that were the closest to looking like my puppy. I purchased these for $4.00USD, these are cut as best as possible and are matte. Her shop I believe are mainly matte stickers. She did not include a business card or a thank you card, which is perfectly fine. She was nice enough to include a 10 sticker freebie of shopping carts, which I gave to my sister.The general shipping starts at $5.04 and comes with tracking. It ships from Florida and it did take a while. I ordered them May 24th and I received them June 9th. This is by no means the fault of the seller but was caught a long time in customs. It also came on in those cardboard like letter envelopes and when opened it was in a plastic bag, which I liked because it was double the protection. Overall both shops are great and I definitely recommend checking them out. I do have to add that I paid a bit more because of conversion from USD to CAD, so be on the lookout for that! Until next time!


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