Coach Small Wrislet Review 

Hey all, hope you are all doing well! Today I have the small Coach Wristlet review for  you but I have to apologize I do not know the exact name of the wristlet. This was purchased at the Coach outlet for $25CAD before tax but i believe its originally price is $65CAD before tax. It is a leather wristlet with the signature coach logo all around it with a pink around the trim.  It also has the Coach plating at the front. It’s a small wrislet that just fits the iPhone 6 snugly. Also has a pink strap and a zipper at the top. 

On the inside it is also pink with two pockets to hold cards or anything you want with the open space. This is a very nice wristlet for those of you who don’t want to carry a big purse and just want to essentials. I don’t really like to put my cards in the two pockets just because it is a bit deep. However if you are someone like me who has a big phone personally it defeats the purpose because I want to be able to put my phone in. That aside I really do like this wristlet, by no means is it an essential but if you so happen to be in the coach outlet and are looking for a wristlet this one is nice. I do not see any visible wear and tear and I’ve had this for 6 months but its bound to happen as it’s used more and more.


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