Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss In magic Review

Hello Beauties! Today I will be talking about the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss in Magic, now I purchased this in a holiday set way back in December or maybe even in November for the Black Friday Sale and even though it is no longer available due to it being a limited edition shade I wanted to share my experience with the lip gloss itself. The Tarte LipSurgence is available for purchase on the Tarte website and the Sephora website, on Sephora it retails for $23CAD before taxes for 0.27 oz versus the 0.05 Fl.oz I got in this deluxe sample. They currently have 9 shades available on the website. 

Down below is a swatch of the product on my hand, in the tube it looks like a pinky peach shade with gold reflects but appears more of a pinky nude when on the lips. it smells wonderful like Vanilla and stays on for roughly 2 hours without drinking or eating anything but can tell towards the end mark the colour fading. The product is extremely thick and sticky so for those of you with long hair watch out! overall I wasn’t impressed. It was a great deluxe sample but it didn’t impress me enough to want to go out and buy a full size of this especially not for $23CAD before taxes. Perhaps a different colour would change my mind but I still feel like you could purchase other great lipglosses for a more reasonable price. I won’t be running out to pick up some of the other colours but I won’t be quick to shut it down if its a shade I like. I would definitely recommend to swatch the colours before making a decision. Until next time Beauties!


Etsy Planner Sticker Haul Ft. PlannerMania, let’s Plan It, A Sticky Monster, Rory’s Sweet Addiction, Stickers Gonna Stick, CCheeks Designs & Planner Frenzy

Hey everyone! I know usually I do more beauty posts but I kind of wanted to share my planning addiction on this blog as well. For every planner posts I make I’ll also be posting a beauty related posts to balance it out. I have a HUGE planner sticker haul to share with you all. The first of many shops I’ll be sharing with you is PlannerMania, she included her business card and no thank you card or freebies. I purchased the Date night stickers that contains 27 stickers for $3.17USD & 20 piggy bank stickers for $3.17USD. The general shipping is estimated at $3.50 but I paid a little bit cheaper. I ordered it on May 24th and received it on June 10th. 

let’s Plan It included a very nice thank you card but no business card. She was super sweet and included a freebie sample sheet which is really nice and 2 mini banners. The colours for her stickers is really nice. I purchased her Eyebrow stickers for $3.14USD and general shipping is $2.00. She is one of the very few that has excellent eyebrow stickers. I ordered the sticker June 10th and received it on June 18th.

A Sticky Monster is an excellent and affordable sticker shop! I originally fell in love with her Netflix stickers because not many shops have them. She included a business card and a freebie but no thank you card. The first sticker on the left was a freebie that she gave me. The next sticker is the Netflix that were $2.50USD, The dollar stickers were $2.00USD, The paw stickers were $2.00USD, the phone stickers were $2.00USD and popcorn stickers were $2.50USD. As you can see her stickers are amazing quality for such an affordable price. I ordered the stickers on June 16th and received on June 24th. General shipping is priced at $3.79USD. 

Rory’s Sweet Addiction included a thank you card and some freebies but no business card. the first set of stickers on the left with the hearts was a freebie sheet that she threw in and she included a freebie mini sheet which was very kind of her. I ordered the oil change stickers $4.00USD, the dog food and bowl stickers $4.00USD and the shampoo bottles for $4.00USD. Her stickers are great quality and on matte sticker paper. General shipping is priced at $6.96USD and I ordered on June 10th and received it on June 26th. Also to add her shipping does include tracking but does take a bit to actually update you. 

This shop I have ordered before and I was so in love with the great customer service I actually ordered from them again. Stickers Gonna Stick included a new sticker freebie sheet, a business card and a thank you card with a coupon. I reordered the piggy payday stickers but in glossy for $3.99USD, the small circle dots for $4.34USD and the circles with exclamation marks for $4.34USD. Even though they live in Italy they’re amazingly fast. I ordered June 7th and received my package on June 19th. General shipping is priced as $5.65. 

CCheeksDesigns included a than you card with all their information and a sticker freebie. I purchased the hair straightener stickers for $3.50USD, the makeup brushes for $3.50USD and the heart checklist $3.50USD. General shipping was priced as $2.72USD. I ordered my stickers on June 4th and received them on June 22. 

The last shop is one of those shops that provide a bunch of stickers almost like buying them in bulk. Instead of putting it on one sheet they provide you with two sheets of stickers. It was very affordable for the amount you get. She did not include a business card or thank you card but included a freebie sheet. The first stickers I purchased was the asterisk stickers for $5.00USD, laptop stickers $5.00USD, heart checklist for $5.00USD, mini check mark stickers for $5.00USD. 

I also ordered car stickers for $4.40USD, Tv stickers for $4.40USD and presents for $5.00USD. Shipping was a bit more at $7.95 but definitely worth it because you get a bunch of stickers! I ordered them June 7th and received them June 23rd. Tracking is provided but takes a while to update, still saying its on its way. Until next time!

Mini Sephora, Michael Kors & Kate Spade Haul

Hey all! Today I have a mini sephora haul to share with you guys. I picked up the famous Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation ($42CAD before tax) and let me tell you holy beans ! I tested it once and boy oh boy you really do not need more than one pump. I also picked up the Make Up For Ever mattifying primer and the smoothing primer for $19 it’s the 0.5 Fl oz. I also got the Nars Lip Pencils because it is this years birthday present for Sephora members. I’ll try to have a review or first impressions on these products as I use them more.

  I finally got my hands on the Selma Large Saffinano Leather Satchel in black (thanks to le Hubs). I’ve been lusting for this bag for years but could never justify purchasing it but at last I have it! I’ll also be sure to make a review on this bag once I’ve used it a bit more!
 For the last thing in this mini haul is Kate Spade A La Vita Ostrich Zip Travel Wallet. I’ve also been lusting for this Travel Wallet ever since I saw a customer have it. It’s an amazingly huge wallet with 18 credit cards slots! Unfortunately the lady at Kate Spade told me that you can only purchase this through the website so I jumped on it when I saw it at $89USD. After shipping, conversion, a 15% off coupon and taxes and duties it came to $128CAD which is a steal compared to the original $248USD price tag which would have been close to $300 with the Canadian being so weak. Although it wasn’t the ideal colour I would have chosen first I’m still super glad I was able to get my hands on it for such a cheap price, compared to the original. I’l definitely be doing a review on this wallet!

Etsy Planner Sticker Haul Featuring StickersGonnaStick & PaperLovingMommy

  Hello loves, I know this is something a bit different but I wanted to share this with you because planning is becoming a greater part of what I am doing. Especially because I need to be organized while working, going to school and having a social life. I’ve recently become addicted to Etsy and purchasing stickers for my planner! My very first purchase was from StickersGonnaStick thats run by Roberta & Elena. They were very sweet and included a business card and a hand written thank you with a coupon for their shop.
  I purchased the 100 bookmark/flags stickers on the left for $4.30USD in the bright and glossy. My only complaint with this sticker pack is there is a lot of white left over. The second thing I got is the 62 Heart Sticker Check List stickers in matte. Now I didn’t know I was getting this in matte but I don’t hate it, it’s really nice. I purchased this for $3.96USD.  The last thing I purchased from her store was this 60 Piggy bank “Pay day” stickers for $3.96USD in matte. I didn’t know I had purchased this in matte but it is still very nice but the glossy one is a little but more vibrant. They were extremely sweet to also include this sticker sheet set which they didn’t have to. The whole sticker set is glossy and as you can see I have already begun to use it. Shipping is quoted at $3.29 but can vary on how much you purchase. I ended up getting some money refunded to me because shipping was a little bit cheaper. Shipping was overall extremely fast considering it came from Italy. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was that it came in a paper envelope like the ones used traditionally for letter, I didn’t like it because it came ripped at the top. I purchased my stickers on May 24th and received them 9 days later in the mail. Overall I am really enjoying these stickers and definitely recommend people to head over to their shop!   The next sticker purchase I made was from PaperLovingMommy. I ordered 49 scale stickers for $4.00USD, they come in different colours and are matte but are really nice considering. All the stickers are nicely cut. The next stickers I purchased are the 36 Credit card stickers for $4.00USD. They also come in different colours and are matte.   The last set of stickers I purchased were these 60 dog stickers that were the closest to looking like my puppy. I purchased these for $4.00USD, these are cut as best as possible and are matte. Her shop I believe are mainly matte stickers. She did not include a business card or a thank you card, which is perfectly fine. She was nice enough to include a 10 sticker freebie of shopping carts, which I gave to my sister.The general shipping starts at $5.04 and comes with tracking. It ships from Florida and it did take a while. I ordered them May 24th and I received them June 9th. This is by no means the fault of the seller but was caught a long time in customs. It also came on in those cardboard like letter envelopes and when opened it was in a plastic bag, which I liked because it was double the protection. Overall both shops are great and I definitely recommend checking them out. I do have to add that I paid a bit more because of conversion from USD to CAD, so be on the lookout for that! Until next time!

Coach Small Wrislet Review 

Hey all, hope you are all doing well! Today I have the small Coach Wristlet review for  you but I have to apologize I do not know the exact name of the wristlet. This was purchased at the Coach outlet for $25CAD before tax but i believe its originally price is $65CAD before tax. It is a leather wristlet with the signature coach logo all around it with a pink around the trim.  It also has the Coach plating at the front. It’s a small wrislet that just fits the iPhone 6 snugly. Also has a pink strap and a zipper at the top. 

On the inside it is also pink with two pockets to hold cards or anything you want with the open space. This is a very nice wristlet for those of you who don’t want to carry a big purse and just want to essentials. I don’t really like to put my cards in the two pockets just because it is a bit deep. However if you are someone like me who has a big phone personally it defeats the purpose because I want to be able to put my phone in. That aside I really do like this wristlet, by no means is it an essential but if you so happen to be in the coach outlet and are looking for a wristlet this one is nice. I do not see any visible wear and tear and I’ve had this for 6 months but its bound to happen as it’s used more and more.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Slim Wallet Review

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well. Today I am happy to share with you my review on my Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Slim Wallet review. I really do want to get into making more reviews on purses and wallets because there isn’t a ton of reviews when it comes to that so I thought that this review would be helpful to those looking into purchasing this. This was purchased at Michael Kors for $119CAD after taxes but I believe was priced at $98 before taxes. I picked up the black because i figured it would go with everything and they didn’t have the colour I originally wanted. It is made out of Saffiano leather which helps with the durability and cleaning. It is a very slim and compact wallet and roughly the  size of my hand.

This is the wallet on the inside, please excuse me gross nails. As you can see on the bottom left there is the Michael Kors , above it is the card slots that can fit four cards unless you double stack them. On the right side is the ID slot where you can fit 2 cards.

On this angle I tried to get it so you could see that there is 2 more spots where you could put your cards or receipts.  

Once again on the right side of the wallet facing horizontally there is another hidden spot for you cards or whatever is needed. IMG_4315

Here is a better view of slots behind the ID slot. As you can see there is also a place to put your coins, you can’t fit much but at least there is room for some coins. The zipper compartment is in the middle of two more slots.   

For your bills the have two parts for them that fit the Canadian bills perfectly. Michael Kors for some is a luxury brand and for others its an affordable brand. Overall I do feel that it is worth it, granted I do not carry a million cards with me but there is room in the “hidden” compartments to add any additional cards that do not fit in the card slots. I do have to mention that you’ll have to stretch it out a but because it was a tad bit hard to get my cards out of the slots at first but it has definitely loosened up since the original purchase date. I really like that it is made of Saffiano leather because it is really easy to clean. The button closure does not randomly open even when I have stuffed my wallet which is awesome. Overall I am in love with this wallet and I feel like its the perfect wallet for those who don’t carry a lot of change and definitely worth it! I’ve had this wallet for roughly 4 months and see no sign of any wear and tear. Below I will have the measurements for you.

Measurements: 4-1/4″ W x 3-3/4″ H x 3/4″ D

Amika dry shampoo review

 Hello Beauties I am back with yet another review! Today I’ll be reviewing the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. A couple months back when I received the Birchbox I got this in here and I was excited because I have an awful oil problem with my hair, which has gotten a lot better. It claims to be good for all hair types and you get 21.3g of product with this deluxe size. I do have to admit it smells amazing and that’s something I love because I often find that dry shampoos don’t smell the greatest. It is formulated without Parabens, Sulfate and Phthalates and has not been testes on animals. This is available on the Sephora website for $27CAD but it also says limited edition. To be honest I did not enjoy this product at all, it did not help with my oils. I tried doing it the night before and the morning of but I barely saw any results to justify spending $27 for a dry shampoo when baby powder could do a better job for just a fraction of the price. I was really disappointed because I really wanted this to work. It smells amazing but you really have to work in the product with your fingers to avoid looking like you have white hair. It looked decent but throughout the day it just looked worse and worse. I will not be purchasing the full size and I do not recommend it but keeping in mind everyone has different hair types and such. Until next time!