Fossil In Store Experience

Hello Beauties! Today I wanted to share my in store experience at the Fossil store. Now I know it is impossible to get the exact same service in every store because not every store has the same employees but I do feel that every company should have great employees that give great customer services. I feel that it’s important to write experiences especially for things you are paying a tad bit more for. So I purchased this watch: Cecile Multifunction Stainless Steel Watch – Rose  The lady at the store was super nice and did mention that the Michael Kors watches were made by fossil which ultimately made me pick a Fossil watch and a couple of other reasons. It was approximately $205CAD with taxes. As you can see they took off a some links at the store for it to fit properly and told me I could come back whenever for them to add or remove. I also chose a tin box.  The review on the Fossil watch will come later on a different post. Even though the lady did explain to me that they’re made by the same people I assume they wanted the sale since I was talking about going to MK but I’m glad I didn’t. They were closing in 20 minutes and not once did she rush me at all. She and her coworkers were extremely lovely and took their time with the fitting of the watches. She also was with me when I was choosing my watch but wasn’t hovering around, she gave me the space I needed but still gave me great information. My overall experience at Fossil was amazing and I would definitely go back. I wish all stores could give our great customer experience!


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