DIY Wedding Planner Binder Episode 2


Hello beauties! I’ve been dying to make more progress in my DIY wedding planner binder but it honestly has been a slow journey. In terms of the binder itself I didn’t make the biggest progress but I am slowly getting there. I have decided how to divide the sections up. There are more sections then dividers but you can definitely still work around that.

1. Important:

  1. Venue Info
  2. Timeline Checklist
  3. Guest List
  4. Attendants’ Info
  5. Maid of Honour and Best Man Duties Checklist
  6. Assignments List (Who Does What)
  7. Planning Guide, Customs & Traditions
  8. Budget Planner
  9. Engagement Ring Insurance Info
  10. Recommended Vendors
  11. Vendor and Details Info
  12. Music Checklist
  13. Photography List
  14. Day-of Checklist and Emergency Kit List
  15. Day-of Schedule

2. Attire:

  1. Wedding Dresses
  2. Bridesmaid Dresses
  3. Veil
  4. Accessories
  5. Jewelry

3. Beauty:

  1. Exercise
  2. Skin
  3. Hair
  4. Makeup
  5. Perfume

4. Registry:

  1. Registries Info
  2. Checklist
  3. China Pattern

5. Stationary

  1. Checklist
  2. Wording/Etiquette Guide

6. Bridal Shower:

  1. Planning Info
  2. Guest List/Gift Trackers

7. Rehearsal:

  1. Timeline
  2. Checklist

8. Ceremony:

  1. Officiant Info
  2. Ceremony Text
  3. Processional and Recessional List
  4. Readings
  5. Music
  6. Program
  7. Seating Arrangement

9. Reception:

  1. Timeline
  2. Rentals
  3. Seating Plan
  4. Menu
  5. Cake and Cake Topper
  6. Beverage Lists
  7. Toast List
  8. Favours
  9. Music

10. Decor:

  1. Sketches of Venue and Placement of Decor
  2. Flower Planner and Flower Meanings
  3. Centerpieces
  4. Escort Cards, Table Numbers and Place Cards
  5. Guest Book
  6. Other Decor: Aisle Runner, Card box, etc.
  7. Inspiration

11. Honeymoon:

  1. Planning Details/To Do List
  2. Travel Arrangements
  3. Packing List

I found this from and can honestly say it was the best just because it reminded me about so many things that I didn’t even think of but of course you don’t have to use all of this or even any it was just super helpful for me.

  The next thing I decided to work on was to help her with the wedding colours, she loves yellow and has mentioned that she would like it to be her colours but there are so many different shades of yellow that I decided to just go to Walmart in the paint section and pick up some of these papers and they’re free so that’s the great part. I have also ordered swatches from they’re only $1CAD each so that’s something cool to have. When they come in I’ll make sure to add it on to the next episode.  These next few things aren’t related to the binder progress in terms on the content in it but the extra supplies I picked up and thought would be great to have. I picked up this 6 pocket folder from staples for roughly $3.50CAD before tax. This is awesome because she can slide in papers really easily and the while thing could be an extra divider which is needed because there are more sections then dividers. I also picked up this Business Card Pages from staples for roughly $4CAD before taxes, this is great because she can slide in business cards for who she is thinking about or knows she’s getting for sure. The last couple of supplies that I have picked up are a hole puncher ($4CAD) which is great to have because I’ll be printing out a lot of the papers, Pens ($2CAD) because you can never have enough and clear reinforcement ($4CAD) which will definitely come in handy the more she puts in papers. I know this wasn’t really a step up from the last post but like I mentioned in the episode 1 I’m really taking my time to insure that I have a lot of things she needs and to make it as perfect as possible. I’m hoping to have a new episode every Friday or every other Friday, it’ll really just depend on how far I have manage to get on it. Thanks for reading, until next time ❤


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