H&M and Urban Planet Mini Clothing Haul 

Hello readers! I thought it would be awesome if I started to make more blog posts about fashion. Before we get started I just wanted to give you an idea of what size I usually wear. I am one of those unfortunate people who fall right in the middle. I’m between the regular sizes and plus sizes. I need an XL to get my chest into a shirt and my pants usually depends but anywhere from large to X-Large and size wise 12. I picked up this super soft basic 3/4 shirt at H&M in the plus size section for $14.95CAD in the size XL. Its super comfortable and extremely loose in the stomach area but it fits wonderfully in the chest area.   This dress was purchased at H&M for only $12.95CAD, what a steal! Usually H&M is a little bit on the pricer side for my taste but this was a wonderful deal. Was available is XS-XL, it does run a tad bit large so I definitely recommend going a size smaller. It roughly falls just above my knee but do keep in mind I am really short, roughly 5ft.   IMG_4286Also purchased this H&M dress for only $12.95CAD.

IMG_4287Last piece is from Urban Planet and was purchased for $20CAD before tax. Really wanted to get a kimono and this was one of the very few who didn’t go to my ankles. It’s a lace kimono with some fringes on the very bottom. I’m not sure how I will proceed in the future with these fashion hauls but I might just do a try on, let me know what you guys want it to be shown. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “H&M and Urban Planet Mini Clothing Haul 

  1. 👑 says:

    I like H&M, I find them really affordable in comparison to high end brands like Mango which is my fav!

    Definitely check out my blog for natural and organic hair care! Xo

    • beautyineye says:

      For myself it’s a hit or miss. Some of their clothing is so affordable and then on the other hand there are $40 shirts. I think what kills it for my is the tax, it makes it seem like it is more. Thanks for reading & I definitely will! 🙂

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