iPhone 6 Plus Case Collection 

  Hello lovelies ❤ Today I wanted to do another non beauty related post because I thought this one would be another fun one to write about. I do want to briefly mention that I am super excited that I have been posting more regularly, which is such an important thing and I really hope to make a schedule so I’ll be more consistent. Putting that aside I do have an iPhone 6 plus and I know that some people think it is rather large but honestly just like anything you get use to it and I’ve been loving it ever since I got it. I do have to say that I’ve had a difficult time finding a variety of cases in store.

Starting from the top left:

  • Kate Spade Diagonal Strip iPhone 6 Plus case: I got this as a gift from Le Hubs and he got it at BestBuy for around $55CAD after taxes.
  • Kate Spade Diagonal Strip iPhone 6 Plus case: Also was a gift and was roughly $55CAD after taxes from BestBuy but I did find because it was a lighter the edges got really gross and dirty. Both Kate Spade cases are amazing and have protected my phone. The back is plastic with a hard silicon around, comes in 2 pieces.
  • The third mint green case is from eBay, it was around $1.50CAD and I got it with free shipping but its a very thin plastic that isn’t very protective so I would just save your money and avoid this case.
  • Fourth case is a clear case I got from the Bell store for around $25, I forget the brand name but I really regret buying this because I could have gotten it on eBay for $2. It is a soft silicon material.
  • Moving on to the second row, I have an Otterbox commuter because I wanted the protection without the bulk because I found the defender way to bulky for the iPhone 6, so I couldn’t even begin to imagine for the 6 Plus. I’ve seen different prices but mostly starts around $45CAD. It is also just a once piece plastic with some silicon edges.
  • Next case is probably one of my favourites and thats the Speck cases. I find the very protective without the bulk, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find them in stores but I ordered it off Amazon for $39.99CAD and it came within 3 days even with the free shipping.
  • This one is another eBay case the same as the mint green one only in a different colour covered with emoji stickers.
  • Last but not least This Victoria Secret soft silicon case was purchased for $18CAD and its not the most protective but its awesome because it adds no bulk.

 Well that’s the end of my iPhone case collection, this is just a view on the inside. I love getting iPhone cases but I decided not to go overboard this time like I did with my last iPhone. Until next time beauties 🙂


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