Batiste Dry Shampoo Review 

 Hello beautiful readers ❤ Today I wanted to share with you all this awesome product! My hair is a medium length, wavy and gets extremely oily. For the past year I had been looking for a solution to my oily problem but I tried so many products that didn’t work I decided to give up. When I did need a refresher I would just use baby powder but I didn’t want to use that all the time because it would cause build up on my scalp because of the powder. I finally decided to cave and get this dry shampoo. At my local Walmart it is roughly $9CAD before taxes. I ended up going to winners and picking up this bad boy for $6.99CAD before tax.

I picked up the scent Coconut & exotic tropical but if I am being honest I do not pick up too much of that scent. There are a total of 7 different scents including this one

  • Clean & Classic Original
  • Floral & Flirty Blush
  • Cool & Crisp Fresh
  • Coconut & Exotic Tropical
  • Fruity & Cheeky Cherry
  • Sassy & Daring Wild
  • Bright & Lively Floral Essences

You get a total of 200mL of product and I’ve been using it and still haven’t ran out of product. It is a spray formula that will appear white if you put too much on your hair. They recommend to spray it on roots and to massage it in. The way I find it works best for me is that the night before I wake up I will go crazy and spray a bunch massage it in a bit and go to bed, even if there is some product visible. The next morning my hair is perfect! I’ve also done it the morning of and it still looks amazing. I barely get any if none at all of build up and it doesn’t irritate my scalp which is so important to me. I have used this two extra days and for those two extra days I did not need to wash my hair.

They also have for different hair colours & a nourishing dry shampoo

  • Light & Blonde
  • Medium & Brunette
  • Dark and Deep Brown
  • Strength & Shine

I cannot speak for this product and how it works but the scented ones are amazing and truly work miracles on my hair! The only real negative thing I would say it that its often its sold out at my Walmart, Winners might not always have it because they do change out their products out and maybe the price. It is much better than some of the higher end dry shampoos but still if you use it a lot it might go by quickly. Aside from that I cannot think of anything else wrong with this product. I absolutely love it and definitely recommend it to you all! Until next time!


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