Hello loves ❤ I’m super excited to share this post with you! I recently purchased this agenda at Chapters its normally $32.00CAD but because I am an employee I get 30% off which equals to the agenda being only $22.00CAD before tax which is amazing and a steal. I am really excited to share this because I plan on doing a review and many posts on how I organize my planner. I know it’s not beauty related but I wanted to expand my blog a bit instead of having all beauty things. This agenda is currently being sold on the website for $28.00 USD and I believe there was a $25.00 shipping fee just to Canada so I can’t begin to imagine international. This is an awesome agenda that starts August of this year and ends December 2016. Its super colourful and kind of like the Kate Spade agenda layout.   I am so sorry about the glare but I wanted to show you the back. I really love this agenda and once I’ve used it a bit more and have organized it i will definitely make a review on the planner and everything else. Great alternative for some of the other planners out there & super affordable.



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