DIY Wedding Planner Binder Episode 1

  Hello lovely readers, I am super excited to be sharing with you this exciting project that I have taken on. As you can read from the title it will be a DIY Wedding Planner Binder. I know that this isn’t a video but I’m just going to continue to call them episode, this will be the first blog post out of many. This is a gift that I’m making for a friend and after seeing so many different wedding planners I decided to just create one for my friend. On average i’ve seen them as cheap as $30-$75 and decided that I might as well make one for her to have everything she needs.

To start off, I had no idea just how much work was required to plan a wedding. I really wanted to make this perfect for her and for her to have everything she needed so I wanted to do some research to know what to include. I started off searching for the best wedding planning book that could help me. I’ve spent hours looking through books to see which ones were helpful and I finally found the one book that had it all. The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings is by far the best wedding planning book I’ve come across. I definitely recommend this book, has so much information.

  Starting off I decided that I would get a 2 inch binder from Walmart for $8. I went to Michaels and purchased this paper for roughly $0.60 and cut it to fit the binder, I picked up the yellow because it’s her favourite colour. I will need to pick up 2 more sheets for the side and the back. I picked up the sticker letters and the little groom/bride from Deserres for roughly $3 each. You can also get them Michaels. Also picked up some cute wedding ring post it notes and post it stickies which will come in handy.  The next step i took is going to the dollar store and I picked up some clear plastic holders, great for protecting important papers and the paper dividers. Also picked up some dividers to divide the sections. Lastly, I felt that it was important to print out some monthly calendars and the yearly calendar so she can jot down important dates. I got the template from it included holidays and also allowed me to go years ahead plus it was free.

I hope this series can help other people out there and I will continue to post more in the series as I continue. Until next time Beauties ❤


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