Fossil In Store Experience

Hello Beauties! Today I wanted to share my in store experience at the Fossil store. Now I know it is impossible to get the exact same service in every store because not every store has the same employees but I do feel that every company should have great employees that give great customer services. I feel that it’s important to write experiences especially for things you are paying a tad bit more for. So I purchased this watch: Cecile Multifunction Stainless Steel Watch – Rose  The lady at the store was super nice and did mention that the Michael Kors watches were made by fossil which ultimately made me pick a Fossil watch and a couple of other reasons. It was approximately $205CAD with taxes. As you can see they took off a some links at the store for it to fit properly and told me I could come back whenever for them to add or remove. I also chose a tin box.  The review on the Fossil watch will come later on a different post. Even though the lady did explain to me that they’re made by the same people I assume they wanted the sale since I was talking about going to MK but I’m glad I didn’t. They were closing in 20 minutes and not once did she rush me at all. She and her coworkers were extremely lovely and took their time with the fitting of the watches. She also was with me when I was choosing my watch but wasn’t hovering around, she gave me the space I needed but still gave me great information. My overall experience at Fossil was amazing and I would definitely go back. I wish all stores could give our great customer experience!


DIY Wedding Planner Binder Episode 2


Hello beauties! I’ve been dying to make more progress in my DIY wedding planner binder but it honestly has been a slow journey. In terms of the binder itself I didn’t make the biggest progress but I am slowly getting there. I have decided how to divide the sections up. There are more sections then dividers but you can definitely still work around that.

1. Important:

  1. Venue Info
  2. Timeline Checklist
  3. Guest List
  4. Attendants’ Info
  5. Maid of Honour and Best Man Duties Checklist
  6. Assignments List (Who Does What)
  7. Planning Guide, Customs & Traditions
  8. Budget Planner
  9. Engagement Ring Insurance Info
  10. Recommended Vendors
  11. Vendor and Details Info
  12. Music Checklist
  13. Photography List
  14. Day-of Checklist and Emergency Kit List
  15. Day-of Schedule

2. Attire:

  1. Wedding Dresses
  2. Bridesmaid Dresses
  3. Veil
  4. Accessories
  5. Jewelry

3. Beauty:

  1. Exercise
  2. Skin
  3. Hair
  4. Makeup
  5. Perfume

4. Registry:

  1. Registries Info
  2. Checklist
  3. China Pattern

5. Stationary

  1. Checklist
  2. Wording/Etiquette Guide

6. Bridal Shower:

  1. Planning Info
  2. Guest List/Gift Trackers

7. Rehearsal:

  1. Timeline
  2. Checklist

8. Ceremony:

  1. Officiant Info
  2. Ceremony Text
  3. Processional and Recessional List
  4. Readings
  5. Music
  6. Program
  7. Seating Arrangement

9. Reception:

  1. Timeline
  2. Rentals
  3. Seating Plan
  4. Menu
  5. Cake and Cake Topper
  6. Beverage Lists
  7. Toast List
  8. Favours
  9. Music

10. Decor:

  1. Sketches of Venue and Placement of Decor
  2. Flower Planner and Flower Meanings
  3. Centerpieces
  4. Escort Cards, Table Numbers and Place Cards
  5. Guest Book
  6. Other Decor: Aisle Runner, Card box, etc.
  7. Inspiration

11. Honeymoon:

  1. Planning Details/To Do List
  2. Travel Arrangements
  3. Packing List

I found this from and can honestly say it was the best just because it reminded me about so many things that I didn’t even think of but of course you don’t have to use all of this or even any it was just super helpful for me.

  The next thing I decided to work on was to help her with the wedding colours, she loves yellow and has mentioned that she would like it to be her colours but there are so many different shades of yellow that I decided to just go to Walmart in the paint section and pick up some of these papers and they’re free so that’s the great part. I have also ordered swatches from they’re only $1CAD each so that’s something cool to have. When they come in I’ll make sure to add it on to the next episode.  These next few things aren’t related to the binder progress in terms on the content in it but the extra supplies I picked up and thought would be great to have. I picked up this 6 pocket folder from staples for roughly $3.50CAD before tax. This is awesome because she can slide in papers really easily and the while thing could be an extra divider which is needed because there are more sections then dividers. I also picked up this Business Card Pages from staples for roughly $4CAD before taxes, this is great because she can slide in business cards for who she is thinking about or knows she’s getting for sure. The last couple of supplies that I have picked up are a hole puncher ($4CAD) which is great to have because I’ll be printing out a lot of the papers, Pens ($2CAD) because you can never have enough and clear reinforcement ($4CAD) which will definitely come in handy the more she puts in papers. I know this wasn’t really a step up from the last post but like I mentioned in the episode 1 I’m really taking my time to insure that I have a lot of things she needs and to make it as perfect as possible. I’m hoping to have a new episode every Friday or every other Friday, it’ll really just depend on how far I have manage to get on it. Thanks for reading, until next time ❤

Nivea Lip Butter Review

 Today I really wanted to share with you guys my favourite lip balm, please excuse the dirty tin I have had this in my purse for a while. This lip butter was purchased for roughly $4 before taxes and can pretty much be purchased anywhere. You will get 16.7g of product and comes in Original, Vanilla & Macadamia, Caramel Cream, and the one I have above Raspberry Rose. I’ve tried all of them except for the caramel cream and if I am being honest I don’t think I will be picking it up. This is by far the best lip balm I have ever tried.  It’s a thick formula which really makes it stay on longer and also does wonders to help moisturize. You get so much product with this lip balm that you could probably get away with using this for a year. A little goes a long way and there isn’t any gross residue after it has been on for a while. There’s only two things I do not like about this product and that’s the fact that it comes in a tin which makes it super easy for bacteria to get on your lip balm because you are using your fingers to pick up product. As you can see from the picture you can see a couple of hair/threads. The Raspberry Rose leaves the slightest tint of pink. The Original, Raspberry Rose and Vanilla & Macadamia all perform fantastic but I did notice that the Vanilla & Macadamia did moisturize my lips a bit more than the other two. Overall I do love these lip balms and feel if you can get past the having to dip your fingers into the tin then it’s definitely worth the buy!

Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser Review

Hello beautiful readers instantly dissolve dirt, oil,and makeup, even waterproof mascara ,in one easy step. Also claims to be oil free. This is probably one of the best liquid makeup remover I have used in a while, it completely took off my makeup with just 2 pumps of product. It really does speed on the process of having to remove my makeup and is super affordable compared to buying makeup wipes. It also doesn’t irritate my skin at all or dry it. The product itself is foam so it can get a little easy to go overboard.


  • Affordable & can be purchased pretty much anywhere
  • Oil free
  • Doesn’t irritate skin or eyes
  • Product last for a while
  • Removes makeup and waterproof mascara


  • Because it is foam it can be really easy to go overboard

In conclusion I am in love with this makeup remover and definitely recommend for those of you in the market for a new makeup remover to pick this one up!

H&M and Urban Planet Mini Clothing Haul 

Hello readers! I thought it would be awesome if I started to make more blog posts about fashion. Before we get started I just wanted to give you an idea of what size I usually wear. I am one of those unfortunate people who fall right in the middle. I’m between the regular sizes and plus sizes. I need an XL to get my chest into a shirt and my pants usually depends but anywhere from large to X-Large and size wise 12. I picked up this super soft basic 3/4 shirt at H&M in the plus size section for $14.95CAD in the size XL. Its super comfortable and extremely loose in the stomach area but it fits wonderfully in the chest area.   This dress was purchased at H&M for only $12.95CAD, what a steal! Usually H&M is a little bit on the pricer side for my taste but this was a wonderful deal. Was available is XS-XL, it does run a tad bit large so I definitely recommend going a size smaller. It roughly falls just above my knee but do keep in mind I am really short, roughly 5ft.   IMG_4286Also purchased this H&M dress for only $12.95CAD.

IMG_4287Last piece is from Urban Planet and was purchased for $20CAD before tax. Really wanted to get a kimono and this was one of the very few who didn’t go to my ankles. It’s a lace kimono with some fringes on the very bottom. I’m not sure how I will proceed in the future with these fashion hauls but I might just do a try on, let me know what you guys want it to be shown. Thanks for reading!

iPhone 6 Plus Case Collection 

  Hello lovelies ❤ Today I wanted to do another non beauty related post because I thought this one would be another fun one to write about. I do want to briefly mention that I am super excited that I have been posting more regularly, which is such an important thing and I really hope to make a schedule so I’ll be more consistent. Putting that aside I do have an iPhone 6 plus and I know that some people think it is rather large but honestly just like anything you get use to it and I’ve been loving it ever since I got it. I do have to say that I’ve had a difficult time finding a variety of cases in store.

Starting from the top left:

  • Kate Spade Diagonal Strip iPhone 6 Plus case: I got this as a gift from Le Hubs and he got it at BestBuy for around $55CAD after taxes.
  • Kate Spade Diagonal Strip iPhone 6 Plus case: Also was a gift and was roughly $55CAD after taxes from BestBuy but I did find because it was a lighter the edges got really gross and dirty. Both Kate Spade cases are amazing and have protected my phone. The back is plastic with a hard silicon around, comes in 2 pieces.
  • The third mint green case is from eBay, it was around $1.50CAD and I got it with free shipping but its a very thin plastic that isn’t very protective so I would just save your money and avoid this case.
  • Fourth case is a clear case I got from the Bell store for around $25, I forget the brand name but I really regret buying this because I could have gotten it on eBay for $2. It is a soft silicon material.
  • Moving on to the second row, I have an Otterbox commuter because I wanted the protection without the bulk because I found the defender way to bulky for the iPhone 6, so I couldn’t even begin to imagine for the 6 Plus. I’ve seen different prices but mostly starts around $45CAD. It is also just a once piece plastic with some silicon edges.
  • Next case is probably one of my favourites and thats the Speck cases. I find the very protective without the bulk, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find them in stores but I ordered it off Amazon for $39.99CAD and it came within 3 days even with the free shipping.
  • This one is another eBay case the same as the mint green one only in a different colour covered with emoji stickers.
  • Last but not least This Victoria Secret soft silicon case was purchased for $18CAD and its not the most protective but its awesome because it adds no bulk.

 Well that’s the end of my iPhone case collection, this is just a view on the inside. I love getting iPhone cases but I decided not to go overboard this time like I did with my last iPhone. Until next time beauties 🙂


  Hello loves ❤ I’m super excited to share this post with you! I recently purchased this agenda at Chapters its normally $32.00CAD but because I am an employee I get 30% off which equals to the agenda being only $22.00CAD before tax which is amazing and a steal. I am really excited to share this because I plan on doing a review and many posts on how I organize my planner. I know it’s not beauty related but I wanted to expand my blog a bit instead of having all beauty things. This agenda is currently being sold on the website for $28.00 USD and I believe there was a $25.00 shipping fee just to Canada so I can’t begin to imagine international. This is an awesome agenda that starts August of this year and ends December 2016. Its super colourful and kind of like the Kate Spade agenda layout.   I am so sorry about the glare but I wanted to show you the back. I really love this agenda and once I’ve used it a bit more and have organized it i will definitely make a review on the planner and everything else. Great alternative for some of the other planners out there & super affordable.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review 

 Hello beautiful readers ❤ Today I wanted to share with you all this awesome product! My hair is a medium length, wavy and gets extremely oily. For the past year I had been looking for a solution to my oily problem but I tried so many products that didn’t work I decided to give up. When I did need a refresher I would just use baby powder but I didn’t want to use that all the time because it would cause build up on my scalp because of the powder. I finally decided to cave and get this dry shampoo. At my local Walmart it is roughly $9CAD before taxes. I ended up going to winners and picking up this bad boy for $6.99CAD before tax.

I picked up the scent Coconut & exotic tropical but if I am being honest I do not pick up too much of that scent. There are a total of 7 different scents including this one

  • Clean & Classic Original
  • Floral & Flirty Blush
  • Cool & Crisp Fresh
  • Coconut & Exotic Tropical
  • Fruity & Cheeky Cherry
  • Sassy & Daring Wild
  • Bright & Lively Floral Essences

You get a total of 200mL of product and I’ve been using it and still haven’t ran out of product. It is a spray formula that will appear white if you put too much on your hair. They recommend to spray it on roots and to massage it in. The way I find it works best for me is that the night before I wake up I will go crazy and spray a bunch massage it in a bit and go to bed, even if there is some product visible. The next morning my hair is perfect! I’ve also done it the morning of and it still looks amazing. I barely get any if none at all of build up and it doesn’t irritate my scalp which is so important to me. I have used this two extra days and for those two extra days I did not need to wash my hair.

They also have for different hair colours & a nourishing dry shampoo

  • Light & Blonde
  • Medium & Brunette
  • Dark and Deep Brown
  • Strength & Shine

I cannot speak for this product and how it works but the scented ones are amazing and truly work miracles on my hair! The only real negative thing I would say it that its often its sold out at my Walmart, Winners might not always have it because they do change out their products out and maybe the price. It is much better than some of the higher end dry shampoos but still if you use it a lot it might go by quickly. Aside from that I cannot think of anything else wrong with this product. I absolutely love it and definitely recommend it to you all! Until next time!

DIY Wedding Planner Binder Episode 1

  Hello lovely readers, I am super excited to be sharing with you this exciting project that I have taken on. As you can read from the title it will be a DIY Wedding Planner Binder. I know that this isn’t a video but I’m just going to continue to call them episode, this will be the first blog post out of many. This is a gift that I’m making for a friend and after seeing so many different wedding planners I decided to just create one for my friend. On average i’ve seen them as cheap as $30-$75 and decided that I might as well make one for her to have everything she needs.

To start off, I had no idea just how much work was required to plan a wedding. I really wanted to make this perfect for her and for her to have everything she needed so I wanted to do some research to know what to include. I started off searching for the best wedding planning book that could help me. I’ve spent hours looking through books to see which ones were helpful and I finally found the one book that had it all. The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings is by far the best wedding planning book I’ve come across. I definitely recommend this book, has so much information.

  Starting off I decided that I would get a 2 inch binder from Walmart for $8. I went to Michaels and purchased this paper for roughly $0.60 and cut it to fit the binder, I picked up the yellow because it’s her favourite colour. I will need to pick up 2 more sheets for the side and the back. I picked up the sticker letters and the little groom/bride from Deserres for roughly $3 each. You can also get them Michaels. Also picked up some cute wedding ring post it notes and post it stickies which will come in handy.  The next step i took is going to the dollar store and I picked up some clear plastic holders, great for protecting important papers and the paper dividers. Also picked up some dividers to divide the sections. Lastly, I felt that it was important to print out some monthly calendars and the yearly calendar so she can jot down important dates. I got the template from it included holidays and also allowed me to go years ahead plus it was free.

I hope this series can help other people out there and I will continue to post more in the series as I continue. Until next time Beauties ❤

EOS Lip Balm Review 

 Hello beauties ❤ I just wanted to write a quick review on the EOS Lip balm. Now I know everyone and their mother knows about the EOS lip balms but I really wanted to make a review. What first caught my attention was of course the packaging, something about it is just so cute! They also have a variety of flavours and are frequently coming out with special ones for different holidays. In the picture I have a trio set that was given to me for Christmas then the Costco set that comes with for. Buying them in singles can vary from $3.99-$5.99CAD. At Costco they have the set of four for I believe $8.99CAD. They can be purchased everywhere it seems ! From Walmart to the dollar store.

 The lip bam itself is super cute with the half circle shape. It’s also a twist off packaging to get to the lip balm. Personally I would say that this is not the worst lip balm but definitely isn’t the best. My main problem with this lip balm is the fact that dust and other things collects on the inside of it because it has a little gap in the middle. That little gap allows things to collect and build making the lip balm look super nasty after a while. I’ve had to wipe it down with tissues to get all the stuff out. As for the formula, it’s not the best but it does its job. Because it’s a thinner formula I do find myself constantly having to reapply it every 30 minutes. The thinner formula does moisturizer my lips but not for long. Another thing is the scent it’s amazing but if you’re drinking from your water bottle expect to taste that every time you drink from it. 

Bottom line I won’t be repurchasing this but I do feel that you could potentially like it if you don’t mind the things I listed. It’s not the best but it definitely isn’t the worst, it gets the job done.