eBay, Real Techniques & EcoTools Brush Haul

 Hello lovely readers ❤ I was super excited to share this haul with you because makeup brushes is something I was really lacking on. I didn’t realize how important they were until I really started getting in to makeup. That being said they can be expensive. Although there are more affordable brushes I really didn’t want to pay for conversion and shipping if the brushes weren’t going to work for me. I went to eBay and purchased this 8 makeup brush piece for $12 CAD, which was one of the cheaper ones I found. I would be lying if I said that one I opened it I wasn’t a bit discouraged. 

 The brushes came with a very heavy foul smell, Which honestly I expected. It seems to be pretty sturdy considering it’s from eBay. Above are 4 face brushes: tapered, kabuki, rounded kabuki and a angled brush. One thing I noticed right away after the smell is that the weren’t properly cut. 

 These brushes above are pretty much the small versions: tapered, Angled, rounded and kabuki. I’ve only gotten the opportunity to play with one of them and I do have to say it’s been good. I still of course have to play around with them. 

  The next two Ebay brushes i purchased are a contour brush($4CAD) and a fluffy blush brush($4CAD) . I have gotten a chance to play around with them and I have to say I love the blush brush as a powder blush. The contour brush on the other hand I would probably tell someone to skip out on. 
 These three brushes I purchased from Rexall. I’ve been dying to get my hands on them ! The two EcoTools brushes were roughly $13CAD each after taxes and the real techniques sculpting brush was $15CAD before tax. Haven’t gotten a chance to use any of these brushes but I love both brands and they’re all soft except for maybe the skin perfecting brush that’s a tad bit on the rougher side which is unusual for EcoTools brushes. Overall I’m super excited to use all these brushes and I can’t wait to share with you how they perform. Until next time ! 


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