Goody Quikstyle Hair Brush Review 

   Hey guys, I hope you are all are doing well ! Today’s review will be about the Goody Quikstyle Hair Brush. Now I am super behind because I remember this coming out a good 2 years ago if not more but I never wanted to take the leap and try it. I was very lucky to have received this as a gift and the second i could I tried this out. Just to let you know I have thick wavy hair. This product can be purchased at Walmart, shoppers drug mart and Rexall. It has a retail value of roughly $15CAD before taxes. 

The purpose of this brush is to reduce the wetness of your hair by 30% and ultimately helping it dry a lot faster than letting it air dry. It claims to have anti microbial properties to protect the microfiber bristles from the growth of mold or mildew. The brush itself has normal bristles and in between has the blue microfibers to help absorb the water in your hair. As far as I can see it’s been holding up well from mold or mildew but I can imagine the lack of proper care could really affect that. They also have the suggestion of blow drying your brush to increase the drying process once it’s been used. You are suppose to use it like a regular brush and just brush your hair with it while it’s wet.  

When it came down to how it performed I wasn’t all that impressed, granted I wasn’t expecting some miracle result but I didn’t really see all that much of a difference unless you intend to stand around brushing your hair for an hour or more. I know on the packaging it suggested using a blow dryer but I felt that kind of defeated the point and I might as well just use a blow dryer which does a perfectly good job without the brush. In the end I didn’t really see a result and felt that my friend was out $15 for nothing. Also taking the hair out was a challenge for me considering I have a crazy amount of hair that falls out after I shower. On top of that, to maintain the conditions of the brush you had to wash it, making me feel like I was taking care of my own hair. Don’t get me wrong it was an interesting idea but just poorly executed. I wouldn’t recommend this product nor would I repurchase it. 

Until next time ! Hope you all have a lovely week. 


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