Lush Grease Lightning Review


Hello lovely readers ! I wanted to write a quick review about the Lush Grease Lightning. Off the bat I want to let you know that I have sensitive acne prone skin that is dry in the winter with the exception of certain spots but extremely oily in the summer. I had purchased this when my acne had spun out of control roughly a year ago and I had used it consistently. I was really desperate to clear my acne and decided to try out a bunch of different lush products, this being on of them. This product was roughly $16CAD and comes in a small bottle with a pump. The product itself is a clear, almost gel like liquid and you get 45g of product. The shelf life was roughly a little less than a year.

It is advertised as being a tea tree gel to clean acne prone skin and remove oil. I used this as a spot treatment everyday and used a decent amount of it. I found that I did not have the results I wanted. It helped slightly with the redness but by no means did it help improve my acne. I was disappointed but continued to use it until it was time to toss it out. Whether it was a large or small breakout it didn’t seem to do much. Perhaps it was just with my awful acne, it couldn’t combat with ? To conclude I wouldn’t repurchase this but I also wouldn’t tell people not to buy it. After all it does have a 4.4 rating on lush so you never know. Until next time ! 


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