Essence Kalinka Beauty Blush Review


Hello lovely readers! Today I will be doing a review on the Essence Kalinka Blush. This collection came out in 2014 and I am not sure if you are able to still purchase this collection through a different party but I still wanted to make a review. I have a love hate relationship with Essence. I love some of their products and I cannot stand some of them, which is kind of normal. On one hand you can get some great products for a very affordable prices and on the other hand it’s hard to get your hands on some of them. The Kalinka Blush was one of those makeup products that I really didn’t need, especially because I cannot stand corals or orange anything but my decision was changed when I saw the packaging and they 4.99 price tag. With this blush you’re getting 7.5Grams of product which for me would last me a lifetime. The packaging itself is pretty cheap, almost made out of a harder cardboard with a magnetic close but hey for $4.99 you can’t expect a lot. They had one shade in the collection which is the East Side Story.


I adore the design on the packaging and decided to give this blush a try, now i’ve never tried a blush from Essence because the only one I have seen that is part of the permanent line is the Silky Blush (Which I’ve heard great things about) but never really was interested in. I don’t know why I was expecting this blush to be more on the coral side than orange but boy was I ever wrong.


I was horrified to see that instead of a coral it was completely orange. Looking at the product itself i knew it was going to be a little more on the orangey coral side but I had no idea it as going to be straight up orange. On top of that it applied very patchy on to the skin and required some serious blending. I am extremely fair so when I applied this to my skin it looked awful. It wasn’t overly chalky but it also wasn’t a silky blush either. The wear time is relatively good with 5-7 hours depending on my skin but the overall look is just awful. I do think that this blush colour could flatter a more deeper skin tone than myself but overall my experience with this blush has got me looking out for which Essence Blush I buy. Never in a million years would I repurchase this or even recommend it to others.


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