Lush Grease Lightning Review


Hello lovely readers ! I wanted to write a quick review about the Lush Grease Lightning. Off the bat I want to let you know that I have sensitive acne prone skin that is dry in the winter with the exception of certain spots but extremely oily in the summer. I had purchased this when my acne had spun out of control roughly a year ago and I had used it consistently. I was really desperate to clear my acne and decided to try out a bunch of different lush products, this being on of them. This product was roughly $16CAD and comes in a small bottle with a pump. The product itself is a clear, almost gel like liquid and you get 45g of product. The shelf life was roughly a little less than a year.

It is advertised as being a tea tree gel to clean acne prone skin and remove oil. I used this as a spot treatment everyday and used a decent amount of it. I found that I did not have the results I wanted. It helped slightly with the redness but by no means did it help improve my acne. I was disappointed but continued to use it until it was time to toss it out. Whether it was a large or small breakout it didn’t seem to do much. Perhaps it was just with my awful acne, it couldn’t combat with ? To conclude I wouldn’t repurchase this but I also wouldn’t tell people not to buy it. After all it does have a 4.4 rating on lush so you never know. Until next time ! 


Mini Mac & Sephora Haul


Hello lovely readers, I hope that you all are doing great! I just wanted to take the time to mention the two goodies that I got today. I finally caved and picked up the Mac fix + ($29CAD) and the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in ebony ($25CAD). I’ve heard such great things about the fix + that i caved but I’m super excited to try it out and see how it works. The DipBrow is another product I’ve heard so much about! The sephora lady recommended the ebony because I have super black hair and I wasn’t overly pleased with the way she applied it but I thought that it would be the better colour selection. Can’t wait to let you guys know about these products!

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review


Hey lovely readers! I wanted to share with you all my review and experience with the Miss Manga Mascara. Now I do want to add that I am probably the pickiest person for mascara because I think I just set my standards for it way to high and out of the roughly 4 years of trying different mascaras I’ve only found really 2 that I do like but I was very hopeful after reading and seeing a bunch of reviews on this mascara. I am not one to layer mascaras because I simply do not like it and does not do much aside from add clump. Now I have tried this mascara with and without curling my lashes and both times I have been disappointed. Now I do have to admit curling my lashed really does help but it doesn’t do what I would like it to do and that’s adding volume and length. I want amazingly thick looking lashed and this mascara does not seem to help with that.

FullSizeRender (3)

With all the hype that had been going around I figured I should at least give it a try. I purchased this mascara on sale for $6.99 without taxes but regular price, which also depends where you go is generally $10.99. I’ve had this mascara in the packaging for a while but I decided to open it when my other mascara had dried out. I’ve been using only this mascara for around a month. I want to apologize in advance for not adding any pictures of the mascara actually on my lashes but you really couldn’t tell the difference. Off the bat it’s on the wet side I found, compared to some of the other mascaras I have used but nothing crazy.

FullSizeRender (4)

I was also super surprised to see how bendy it was, it’s not something I am use to but after a while you get use to it. The tip does have a lot of product on it so it is necessary to clean it before applying it to your lashes. The applicator itself slowly starts to flare as you go upwards and is made of that fabric like material. On it theres groups of thicker bristles. The mascara itself when applied without curling virtually does nothing and only with curling the lashes before did I really see some sort of results. It wasn’t hard to get product on the under eye or where the lids are. It did give great length but I found that they would just clump some of my lashes together. Throughout the day I saw noticeable specs of mascara that had flaked off. On top of that using this mascara had really irritated my contacts. I was hoping to find the perfect mascara but it looks like I’ll have to keep trying. I won’t be repurchasing this and as far as recommending it, I would say to pass up on purchasing this mascara.

Essence Kalinka Beauty Blush Review


Hello lovely readers! Today I will be doing a review on the Essence Kalinka Blush. This collection came out in 2014 and I am not sure if you are able to still purchase this collection through a different party but I still wanted to make a review. I have a love hate relationship with Essence. I love some of their products and I cannot stand some of them, which is kind of normal. On one hand you can get some great products for a very affordable prices and on the other hand it’s hard to get your hands on some of them. The Kalinka Blush was one of those makeup products that I really didn’t need, especially because I cannot stand corals or orange anything but my decision was changed when I saw the packaging and they 4.99 price tag. With this blush you’re getting 7.5Grams of product which for me would last me a lifetime. The packaging itself is pretty cheap, almost made out of a harder cardboard with a magnetic close but hey for $4.99 you can’t expect a lot. They had one shade in the collection which is the East Side Story.


I adore the design on the packaging and decided to give this blush a try, now i’ve never tried a blush from Essence because the only one I have seen that is part of the permanent line is the Silky Blush (Which I’ve heard great things about) but never really was interested in. I don’t know why I was expecting this blush to be more on the coral side than orange but boy was I ever wrong.


I was horrified to see that instead of a coral it was completely orange. Looking at the product itself i knew it was going to be a little more on the orangey coral side but I had no idea it as going to be straight up orange. On top of that it applied very patchy on to the skin and required some serious blending. I am extremely fair so when I applied this to my skin it looked awful. It wasn’t overly chalky but it also wasn’t a silky blush either. The wear time is relatively good with 5-7 hours depending on my skin but the overall look is just awful. I do think that this blush colour could flatter a more deeper skin tone than myself but overall my experience with this blush has got me looking out for which Essence Blush I buy. Never in a million years would I repurchase this or even recommend it to others.

Collective Makeup Haul !

Hello lovely readers, I hope you all are well. Today I wanted to share my collective makeup haul. I do want to add that I really want to have a blog posting schedule going because I do not post enough but that will be in the (hopefully) near future. These goodies that were purchased have been collected from the last two weeks.


FullSizeRenderWith all these Contour palettes being released and some already out I wanted to give it a shot but I didn’t really want to drop $60 for one so after visiting a store that had this BH cosmetic palette I decided to give it a shot. As you can see the store had it for $39.95 which I would not pay but after discounts and tax free special it was roughly $31. The sizes themselves are huge! I have played around with them a bit but not enough.

FullSizeRender (1)

The next thing I purchased was this Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I have been lusting for! I looked everywhere but living in Canada makes it a tad bit harder to find certain products. This was priced at $14.95 at the store which is still a little pricy compared to the $7 on the website but still a steal compared to the $30 I paid for the Beauty Blender. I have tried it out but wasn’t loving it, but i’m going to keep trying different foundations.


Since Target jumped ship from Canada I have no way of getting any ELF products in store aside from the occasional Winners or Dollarama having like 3 things. I was super surprised to see this at the checkout section of Old Navy. I picked up the Liquid eyeliner for $3 and the Lip exfoliator for $6 before taxes.


I picked out these four Wet n’ Wild lipsticks from Walmart at around $2.86 each before taxes. I got the shades Bare it All, Cherry Picking, Think Pink and Mauve outta here. Have not tried them but super excited to because I’ve heard great things.


I’ve been really liking lipsticks so i decided to purchase these Essence Lipsticks at Shoppers for $2.99 each in the shade Nude Love, Wear Berries!, Barely There! and Natural Beauty. i’ve also heard great things so I am super excited to let you guys know how it they work.

FullSizeRender (2)

I also picked up these lip liners for only $1.49 ! I have played around a bit with them and below I’ll have some swatches to show you but I am in love with the lip liners already. I got the shades Soft Berry, Wish Me A Rose, and Cute Pink.


These are the swatches of the Essence lipsticks and they lipliners. Already I can tell you that Soft Berry, nude Love and Barely There are giving me a bit of problems. I do not know what it is but I have been really wanting to have a lot more options for my lipsticks so be prepared to see a bunch more in the future ­čśÇ

February BirchBox & Final Impressions 

Hey everyone ! I hope you all are great and I know this post is long overdue but all I can say is life gets in the way. Putting that aside I did want to share with you lovely readers what I received in my BirchBox and my final thoughts on it since I only received a 3 month subscription. ´╗┐´╗┐This is what I received in myBirchBox for the month of February. I got a shampoo and conditioner from Harvey Prince, Dermae scrub, TheBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer eyeshadow and a Cynthia Rowley lip stain in heart throb. ´╗┐The swatch on the left is the Cynthia Rowly in heart throb and the swatch on the right is a swatch of TheBalm . I am not overly impressed with the lip stain, the colour isn’t for me. ´╗┐´╗┐Lastly this is the little card with the information of each of the products. I haven’t gotten a chance to try the shampoo, conditioner or the face scrub. I was pretty content on my products the only thing is I have sensitive acne prone skin so it makes it super hard to give new products a chance. I also find it hard to criticize a hair product because I don’t have enough of that product to decide whether or not it’s a good one. 

Final thoughts on my BirchBox Experience: I have ´╗┐really enjoyed receiving my birchbox and it was really nice to try different products and brands. I wished they would consider your preferences more because some people cannot use certain products because of how it might react. For example the skin care products. For the price I can’t complain but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll continue with BirchBox.