January BirchBox Opening & First Impressions

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all doing well, like the title says I will be doing a Birchbox opening/ First impressions. Below I have all the pictures of what I received in this months BirchBox except for the Folle De Joie Eau De Parfum Sample. I am not a huge perfume person so I decided to give it to my mom.


In my BirchBox this month it included two samples of the Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair mask, Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, the Joie Perfume sample, ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in Dusk Til Dawn and Tocca Crema De mano (hand lotion). i must admit that at first glance I was a tad bit disappointed seeing how before they had even begun to ship out the January BirchBox I had logged on to personalize my BirchBox and it was completely ignored. Now I’m not sure if its a suggestion or they actually follow it but either way I was a tad disappointed.


Above is the Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask which I have not gotten the chance to actually try it but upon opening it I have to admit it smells amazing and kind of reminds me of strawberry ice cream. It is a decently thick hair mask and I am super excited to test it out. Full size retails for $30 and they recommend to leave it in your hair for up to 20 minutes, which personally I found to be a bit long but I guess I’m just use to my macadamia Hair Mask.


Above is the ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in Dusk Til Dawn, at first glance I wasn’t overly impressed seeing how it appeared to be a brownish mauve. The packaging itself says matte but on the BirchBox paper it says semi matte. It does not appear matte on my lips but one thing I really like is how moisturizing it feels on my lips and I was super impressed with this shade.

As for the Emryolisse Face moisturizer I do have to say that I have surprised by how hard it felt in its packaging but I really enjoyed it on my skin. It did not irritate my skin, make it itchy or make it oily. On the packaging they advertise as it being great for all skin types as well as being a makeup remover, I have yet to see it if really works.

The Tocca hand cream comes in the grapefruit and cucumber scent, I have yet to try it because I am not a huge fan of hand lotions but I do have to say it smells amazing.

As for the perfume I did give it away so I can’t really give my thoughts on it.


Lastly, this is the little paper that came in my BirchBox with a short description of each product. At the end of the day I was happy with my BirchBox but still feel that they shouldn’t ask for your preferences if they aren’t really going to take it into consideration when sending out your BirchBox. I will definitely be doing a more in depth review on some of the products once I get to use them more. Until next time beautiful readers!