First Impression on December Birchbox

Hey there, I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! Today I’ll be talking about the Birchbox. My sister surprised me for Christmas and got me a three month subscription to Birchbox (yay!) I’ve always wanted to try a beauty subscription but didn’t know which one to go with. Now I’ve checked out some of the Birchbox subscriptions and not sure if this is a previous month or just like a first month for everyone kind of thing but anyway regardless I received 5 sample sized products. I believe Birchbox is $10 a month with the $4.95 shipping & handling fee but don’t hold me to that.

I’m not going to lie I was a bit disappointed because I’m not a huge skin care person or lotion but I’m still happy to try the products.

In the box I got a hello body cream which smells amazing, vasanti exfoliating cleanser, Cynthia rowley eyeliner pencil, theBalm cheek and lip tint and amika dry shampoo.

I’ve only gotten to play around with the products but the vasanti exfoliating cleanser is very nice and leaves my skin feeling very soft. The Cynthia rowley eyeliner pencil is very creamy and stays on. While theBalm stain I was a bit disappointed in. I excited to play around with the other things. Until next time Birchbox !


20 Stocking Stuffer/Gift ideas Under $20

Hey guys! Hope you’re all enjoy the holiday season, which is what leads me to make this post because we all know how expensive holiday shopping can get. So these are just my ideas on some stocking stuffers or even gift them for your loved ones. Please note all these prices are in Canadian dollars.


A lot of people don’t really realize how much you end up spending on makeup wipes so I feel like they’re perfect to just sleep in someone’s stocking. I love the olay wipes they leave my skin so smooth. This cost me around $8.


David’s tea organic vanilla chai set: This is for a fellow tea lover or maybe someone who’s trying to get into teas. This David’s tea set only cost me $12.50 with taxes ! They have 3 different flavours to chose from and is an extremely cute gift to add.


This clean and clear acne wash is probably my favourite drugstore face wash. For only $6 it takes care of my acne ! Any face wash can do the trick but this is a personal favourite.


This facial complexion brush is a great addition to go with the face wash and was $7 from target. It’s a cheaper alternative to some of the other face washing systems out there.


Face moisturizer is also great because this time of the year our skin can get very dry. This moisturizer is also one of my favourites because it doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s only $6. Once again it doesn’t have to be this moisturizer, there’s plenty to chose from the drugstore or other places like lush.


Speaking of Lush they have these amazing christmas sets right now and I picked up this one the joy to the world set which is the cutest because you don’t need to wrap it. It comes with a snowcake soap and a dream hand and body lotion. With taxes it was roughly $18 and definitely meeting the limit but it’s such a great stocking stuffer and even present !


These chocolate stir sticks are great affordable stocking stuffers. I got them at target for $1.29 each and come in 3 different flavours I believe. I picked them up at target.


These mini chocolate bricks were also purchased at target for 1.29. They have a variety of flavours to pick and chose from



I prefer getting regular socks versus fuzzy ones because I know I’ll get more use out of these then fuzzy but you can get creative and get different coloured and designed ones. These were $9.99 at target



#10) Gift Cards! You can’t go wrong with Gift cards even if it is $10.



This Wreck it Journal is on the pricier side being $16.00 at my chapters but i’m sure if you wait for deals you can get it at a cheaper price. This is fantastic because it’s allowing you to be creative and basically destroy the book. Makes it a fun thing to do when you’re not busy.



This Spa Resource Pro Series precision cleansing pad is only $1.50 and works wonders! It’s part of my skin care routine and you won’t regret it. You can purchase this at walmart.



I love lip balms especially in the winter months where our lips can get extremely dry, making this the perfect EOS trio for the stockings. This was purchased at target for $9.99



Everyone needs a pair of black flats and these bad boys are only $9.99 if they don’t fit in your stocking then they make an excellent gift and no one would ever give it a thought about the price. These can be purchased at target but I do recommend going a half size up or even full size because they do run small.



You can’t go wrong with fragrances, this Victoria Secret scent is my favourite and at $8 it’s great! There’s also the option to go to Bath and Body Works if you don’t like the VS scents.



The ELF High Definition Powder has become one of my favourite powders. This is a little on the pricer side for ELF at $8 at target but it’s a fantastic powder and I definitely would be very happy to receive this.



You can never go wrong by buying nail polish. It’s a fantastic stocking filler or gift. I really love the Maybelline colour Show nail polish because not only are they affordable for only $3 but they’re great polishes.



This small bottle of moroccan oil is a fantastic way to introduce this line to someone looking for an oil to help their hair. I’m in love with this brand and the scent is amazing. This is also higher but for $16 you cannot go wrong and anyone who gets this will definitely appreciate this !

#19) iPhone cases! Or any phone you have cases are great ! you can get them in store, amazon or ebay. They Currently have some chevron cases for the iphone at $5!

#20) Something homemade, you can’t go wrong it’s the thought that count. Whether its a mug with the persons favourite chocolate or a small picture frame with your best memories they’ll appreciate it.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays & happy shopping!