Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Smoky Extravagant Mascara Review

photo 4

Hey guys ! I’ve been really into trying out different mascaras because lord knows I haven’t found the perfect mascara. There are however mascaras that I have been enjoying. MUFE smoky extravagant being one of them. I received this sample size mascara from the birthday gift from Sephora. They have a travel size and the full size that retail for $14 and $28 CAD before taxes. They only have the colour black for this mascara.

photo 5

The travel size mascaras contains 0.16 oz of product versus the full size contains 0.23oz of product. Seems like for the price point it would be better to purchase two travel sizes for the same price of one full size but you get more product but on that note sometimes travel sizes can be different than the full sizes especially mascaras.


The wand goes from being pointed to being fuller towards the end, kind of like an ice cream comb if you will. The mascara wand is not made out of plastic but of that fuzzy fabric.

photo 1

So this is my lashes after I have applied the mascara. I must say that I have really been enjoying this product. It gives my length but at the same time gives me the thickness that I have longed for a mascara to give me. I might even like it better than my benefit they’re real mascara.

photo 2

This is a picture of my lashes at eye level and I love how this mascara flares out the outer part of my lashes because of the shape of the wand. I’ve fallen completely in love with this mascara but did find because of the length of the mascara wand I had to really work more with it because it was so short. I did notice some clumping but not a major thing to worry about.

photo 3

As you can see it has definitely added length to my lashes but I found that the the formula was a little more drier then what I am use to especially after coming from using the covergirl clump crusher. I also noticed that a lot of the product was on the tip of the mascara wand, which is such a wasteful thing and if I didn’t remove most of it my lashes clumped together. I was overall impressed with this product because it was easy to remove, there were no fallout, did not irritate my eyes and lasted the whole day.


  • Adds length
  • Adds volume with thickness
  • No fallout
  • Did not irritate eyes
  • Easily removed
  • Long wear
  • Shape of wand


  • Price
  • Drier formula makes you think that there isn’t any product on the wand
  • Excessive amount of product on tip is wasteful
  • Some clumping

Overall I am truly content about this product! I love it and i would definitely repurchase this product and I do recommend others to give it a shot with the travel size !


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