Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength Shampoo Review

Hey guys ! Today I’m going to be doing a review on the head and shoulders clinical strength shampoo. I purchased this product at walmart for roughly $8-$9 CAD. Before I get started I want to talk about my hair.

My hair is wavy, thick & up to my lower back but worst of all it’s frizzy!Unfortunately that’s the best picture of my hair that I have. Moving on the worst part about my hair ….. DANDRUFF ! Ugh, I’ve been struggling with dandruff for maybe 2 years now. It got really bad two years ago, I would feel a burning itch sensation. I tried a great portion of shampoos and none would work including the original head & shoulders. My scalp was driving me crazy so I decided to try the clinical strength and oh my gosh my did I ever feel better !

Problem is clinical strength is exactly that. It’s loaded with a bunch of chemicals to help get rid of the dandruff. After using it a few months I noticed my hair surrounding the scalp area was super dry ! Like straw dry!
Unfortunately I love this shampoo and hate it because it gave my scalp relief when I needed the most but also made my hair looked like straw. It’s a love-hate relationship. I eventually ventured out to other shampoos and I find that the head and shoulders citrus one is a better alternative to the clinical strength because it relieves my scalp without making it look too straw like. The product itself took me about 2 ish months to finish so it last a decent amount of time.

• relatively inexpensive for a medicated shampoo
• relieves scalp

• leaves hair dry
• relatively hard to find, I’ve only seen them in Walmart

Would I repurchase?
Probably not because I found an alternative.

Would I recommend ?
Absolutely to those who have bad cases of dandruff