June Favourites 2014

I decided that this month I would pick my top 6 favourites of the month so it wouldn’t be long.

1. Bath and Body Works candle in the scent Peach Bellini
2. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade 120
3. Elf Studio Powder brush
4. Essence Stay Matt with me in my favourite milkshake
5. Revlon Colour Stay in the normal/dry skin formula in the shade buff
6. Spa Resource Pro Series Precision Pore Cleansing Pad

1. Peach Bellini Candle
I purchased this during the semi annual sale for $12CAD but regularly it’s $22CAD. I’m in love with the scent! It has such a summer smell to it and quickly fills the room with it. It’s a long lasting smell that I guarantee lasts. On the website it claims that it is a delicious twist to juicy peach, white apricot and fresh mango.You get 411g of product. Overall I just love this candle and every year I repurchase it.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
I picked up this foundation because it was one of the most affordable foundations I could find (aside from wet n wild & NYC). This foundation was roughly $8CAD and comes with 30 mL of product, the standard so it seems. It comes in the rectangular glass packaging with an SPF 18. I personally love this product because I find it perfect for the summer when I don’t want to wear a fu coverage foundation. I would say it’s a light coverage foundation that’s buildable to a semi medium coverage. This is obviously not a foundation to conceal acne but to conceal redness and even out the skin tone which is what I look for during the summer. I also found it lasts me from 6 hours to 8 hours depending completely on what I was doing.

3. Elf Studio Powder Brush
This bad boy was only $4CAD without the taxes at target. I’m completely in love with this brush and it’s the only one I’ve been reaching for the past month. I love how my foundation looks with this product and definitely recommend for those who don’t have it to give it a try!

4. Essence Stay Matt With Me in my favourite milkshake
I purchased this product at shoppers drugmart for around $2.99CAD I believe. The product itself lacks pigmentation and it does had a scent to it that could bother others. The lasting power also isn’t that great

It had one of those curved fuzzy applicators but I like the shape. As you can see it’s a pinky colour that falls to stay within your lips most of the time and lacks pigmentation. The reason this has been in my favourites is because of been pairing this up with other lip products. It gives it a slight pink glossy look. Aside from pairing it I wouldn’t recommend to buy it just to use it on it’s own.

5. Revlon Colour Stay Foundation
I picked up the normal/dry skin formula by accident for $15CAD but I’ve still been using it. Unfortunately due to the sun I am no longer the right shade I have to go darker but when I used it at the beginning of June I feel in love. It comes in this cylinder glass packaging with no pump and 30 mL of product. It gives me full coverage and conceals my acne very well. Unfortunately it feels a bit thick for my skin so I’m not using it but once it cools down I’ll gladly use it

On the left maybelline fit me foundation and the right revlon colourstay

6. Spa Resource Pore cleansing Pad
I purchased this at walmart for $1.50CAD and I’ve been using it ever since ! It helps deep clean my pore from any makeup residue or oils from my face. I’ve seen a noticeable different in the acne of my face since I started using this product and for only $1.50 I’ll take it ! I think they might have raised the price to $2.00 but hey it’s only 50 cents.

So that concludes my June favourites! I hope you guys had a good month. See you next time!


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