Victoria Secret Wallet Pouch With Keychain

I am hands down I coin hoarder so when I stumbled onto this while watching a what’s in my bag video I almost died and immediately searched the web for it! It’s such a cute wallet pouch and I knew it had to be mine. VS is having their semi annual sale while trying to get rid of their makeup, clothing and all those other things so everything was scattered. I had tried looking online but they didn’t have it so if you want to purchase this you’ll most likely have to go in store.

It has a gold keychain that I personally use for helping hold the wallet pouch. This pouch fits my iPhone 5 comfortably but I have to put in one side first. I unfortunately don’t have the exact measurements but think of it being a bit wider than an iPhone and approximately the same length.

There are no pockets in the pouch and as you can see there is more than enough space for my coins. The zipper works great and isn’t choppy which is a plus. The gold chain is also decently long.

On the front it says Victoria secret. As you can see it has a snakeskin kind of design to it and feels like pleather. I believe that there’s only 2 colours, this hot pink and a coral colour. This was around $10 CAD so if you’re looking for a wallet pouch I definitely recommend this👌


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