VS Sport Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra

It’s been roughly a year, maybe a little more since Victoria Secret was first opened in my city which was awesome because I’m not the biggest fan of La Senza bras but at the time it was the only place I could purchase bras. I was super excited to go to VS but when I saw the prices I must admit my heart dropped a bit.

Please excuse the state of my bra, it had disappeared for a while. Moving on the price starts at $49 CAD to $59 CAD for this specific design but I believe the prices depend on the design of the bra itself and of course the size. I’m naturally big chested and of course once again I had a heart attack when I saw the price for my size which was $59 with taxes was roughly $67.

This bra falls under the maximum support category which is just what I need. As you can see it’s a racer back bra which I feel truly helps support everything. The sports bra itself is absolutely amazing ! I am so impressed and I do feel that it is truly the best sports bra I’ve ever tried! I hate when sports bra come in the small, medium & large sizes because there is no way they can cater to every girls size while trying to support. This bra I personally feel helps absorb all that sweat that comes with working out. I truly believe that this is the best!

When I run, whether it’s on the treadmill or the elliptical it controls the bouncing completely ! Of course there is a little bounce but nothing that hurts the girls. This is seriously a life saviour ! I totally recommend for people to get. There is also a nice cushion on the wired inside part of the bra to add comfort. The only bad that I can think of (aside from the price) is my shoulder blades started to hurt from wearing this for a long time because it has a tighter fit then a normal bra in order to help the bounce of the girls. I believe their biggest size is 38DDD so those girls who have a bigger size won’t be able to get one

The Good:
• Has a cushion part where the wire is
• Helps absorbs sweat
• Controls the bounce
• Super comfortable to wear
• Comes in a variety of colours

The Bad:
• THE PRICE ! I’m a completely broke student so it kills me when I have to go pay for it at the cashier
• Doesn’t have bigger sizes
• Noticeable pain between shoulder blades but for everyday for 2 hours or so it’s perfect

I am absolutely in love with this sports bra and I have searched high and low for one that works perfect so I definitely recommend it. I’d also repurchase this even though it hurts my wallet when I do.


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