ELF Studio Golden Bronzer Review

I was super excited when ELF cosmetics announced it would be available in Target Canada’s so naturally I ran to target to pick up some goodies. I was kind of disappointed to see that there wasn’t much of a variety. One of the items I picked up was this ELF studio golden bronzer. The product comes in this cardboard box. There are 4 different squares with 4 different shades. I guess you could look at it as 5 bronzers.

For $4.00 CAD you get 15g of product which is pretty good. Once I read the back ‘shimmering powder’ red flags went up. On the ELF website it’s under bronzers so imagine my surprise when I swatched them.

Side tracking for just a moment this bronzer comes in a plastic Matt black container with a very large mirror. As you can see from the picture it picks up traces from any product and your fingertips. The packaging feels cheap but didn’t expect it to be wonderful for $4.

So here’s a look at the bronzer. I have to say that I am extremely disappointed and this is definitely a miss for ELF. By no means is this a bronzer, I’m usually the second to third lightest shade in foundations and all I could pick up was shimmer on my face. I believe that there are 2-3 other colours to pick from.

Sorry for the awful lighting! I found it incredibly hard to pick up the colour and I had to really dig at it. I tried applying this and oh my lord did I regret it. It’s like a disco ball bursted on my face. This is definitely not a bronzer at all. I tried to use this as eyeshadow and once again another fail. The colours are very nice but it’s lasting power not so much after 3 hours I noticed fading even after using a base and a primer.

I used a primer in this picture and yes I realize that this is not suppose to be an eyeshadow palette but I wanted to find an alternative way of using this aside from a highlight but proved unsuccessful. I would definitely skip out on this product.

The Good:
• inexpensive
• nice size mirror
• thin packaging
• have the option of using this as a highlight

The Bad:
• it’s not a bronzer it’s just a palette of shimmer
• only available at target, at least in Canada
• isn’t pigmented at all
• bad lasting power so can’t even use it as eyeshadows

Would not repurchase and I don’t recommend this


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