Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream in Velvet Rose Review

Hey there guys! I love essence it’s such an affordable brand so I decided to pick up this essence stay Matt lip cream. As you can see it’s in the shade velvet rose and there are 2 more shades in the lip cream formula.

The lip cream comes in this rounded plastic tube and was purchased at shoppers drugmart for $2.99 CAD. This tube comes with 4 mL of product.

Right off the bat I can tell you that my first impression was like oh no, this is going to be a very thick formula that’s drying. I was right! Don’t get me wrong for $2.99 CAD it’s really pigmented.

So here’s the swatch, sorry about the lighting! Anyway it’s super pigmented and like I had predicted thick as well. It also goes on matt. After eating and drinking it was still visible on my lips. I found that I got a decent 3 1/2 hours of wear before I noticed any fading which I really liked. When applied to the lips I felt like it absorbed all the moisture out of my lips ! It’s such a drying formula that any chapped lips would be visible from a distance.

As you can see in the picture it just clumps up. It gets even worse after the 2 hour mark. It completely dries and leaves a rough texture to the lips, as if you have flakes of it. Which is definitely a no no in my books. Even when I primed my lips I found it still left a very noticeable dryness to the lips that even my BF commented on. Needless to say I will not be repurchasing this shade. As for the two shades I’m not sure if I would repurchase them.

The Good:
• it’s very affordable
• very pigmented
• decently long lasting
• still present after drinking and eating
• has a candy smell to it

The Bad:
• very drying to lips
• only available at shoppers in Canada
• leaves a flaky feeling to the lips
• highlights the fine lines and chapped lips

Would I repurchase: no

Do I recommend: Not this shade unless you’re willing to work with it


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