Lush Cosmetic Warrior face mask review

So, before I start with my review I just wanted to say that yes I finally did jump on the Lush wagon. I had tried some lush products a couple of years ago but I wasn’t impressed but after using tons of drugstore skin care products, my sister convincing me to give it another chance and lots of stress causing me to break out like crazy I finally gave in.

So for those of you who don’t know Lush cosmetics is cruelty free and according to their Facebook page:
100% are vegetarian
83% are vegan
60% are preservative free,
38% are packaging free (naked).

Like I had said before I had tried lush products before but I wasn’t impressed but school stress and oily skin was making me break out like crazy. After using drugstore products my acne wasn’t getting any better, in fact I was still breaking out. My sister suggested I try to use more natural products so I went on the site and saw some of their face masks. I narrowed it down to cosmetic warrior, cupcake and catastrophe cosmetic. I went into the store and left with cosmetic warrior.

This bad boy ended up costing me around $7 something CAD with taxes but I believe without taxes it’s around $6.95. After reading tons of reviews I was super excited to use this product. After all, my acne was getting to an extreme point. This product claims to cleanse and soothe trouble skin.The way I used this product was I wet my whole face and then I began to spread the product all over my face. I leave it on for 10 minutes and then I wash my face off with lukewarm water.The product is a nice consistency not too thin but not too thick. It seems to have chunks of what I assume is garlic (don’t hold me to that) and a strong smell but nothing over bearing.

As you can see cosmetic warrior comes in a black plastic container that contains 60g of product. It’s really small compared to the bath and body works candle I have. The great thing about lush is that if you bring 5 containers back you get a free face mask so make sure to save them !

Moving on to the product itself, I’m not going to lie the product has a gross smell but nothing unbearable in my opinion. Some ingredients include: kaolin, honey, tree tea oil, fresh free range eggs, fresh green grapes, fresh garlic and cornstarch. This product doesn’t irritate my skin, leaves it soft and leaves it feeling “fresh”. You also have to refrigerate it and because they use fresh products you have to toss it out when it expires, which I found was after 3-4 weeks after it has been made.

Now to the real question you’re probably asking: did this product really help my acne problem ?
Well, when I first began to use it I didn’t see any improvements and after 3 weeks of using this product I was upset that I didn’t see any improvements. My sister suggested I use a more generous amount on my problem areas, which I did and little did I know after a week I was impressed that my acne had improved by at least 50%. After that I began to use a more generous amount on my problem areas and it is slowly clearing. I wouldn’t say it prevents pimples definitely not the big ones but it does help tame and clear (stress could be a factor). My advice is pack on the product in problem areas and then you’ll really start to see the results.I wish I had taken a before and after picture !
* remember it also takes some time to see the affect after all we can’t expect next day results so use product for around 1-3 months to see true results.

Conclusion: this product is wonderful it smells gross and doesn’t last long but it really does improve skin and help with those problem areas.

• helps troubled skin
• doesn’t irritate or dry out skin
• fresh products used
• bring back 5 pots get one free
• inexpensive for what you get
• better for your skin
Would I repurchase?: Yes!
Would I recommend ? : YEEES!

• expensive in the long run (I’ve already purchased 2 pots this month)
• expires fast (within 3-4 weeks)
• smell (for some)