L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara Review


I decided to purchase this mascara after reading & viewing several reviews for the best drugstore mascaras. I purchased this on sale for around $5 CAD but it is usually $7 at Walmart. This product can be purchased at a variety of places such as Walmart , target , drugstores & more. It really just depends on where you live.

This product is inexpensive in my opinion & I just love the sleek packaging. The formula is neither to dry or to liquidy. It’s just right for me. You do get a lot of excess product at the tip of the brush. It also does not irritate my eyes like some mascaras do.

The wand is a decent size. It’s no badgal size but it’s pretty big & is made of that fabric type ( so non plastic) material.

So this is my lashes after I have applied the mascara on to my lashes. Now I am truly on the fence about this mascara because I use a method I saw on YouTube to give me the lashes I want. Without using the method I found that the formula tend to make my lashes clump together, had excess mascara on the ends of my lashes and simply did not give me volume I wanted. It simply just made my lashes have some length while making it look like I had three lashes. The picture above is the mascara using the method.

The method I use is simple I simply rub of the excess mascara on a tissue. When I do this I get the length I want without the clumps of eyelashes together & mascara. I don’t get flakes & I get some volume.
Overall I am not impressed with this product. I think it’s an alright mascara but I’ve tried better. When using the method it’s a decent mascara but without it, it’s not worth the $7.
• sleek packaging
• doesn’t irritate eyes
• no flakes
• right consistency
• inexpensive
• gives length

• doesn’t add that much volume to lashes
• needs a method for it to be the best
• clumps eyelashes
• excessive amount of product is on lashes

Would I recommend this product? yes – if you don’t mind an extra step
No – if you’re looking for super volume & expect this to wow you
Would I repurchase? No


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