L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara Review


I decided to purchase this mascara after reading & viewing several reviews for the best drugstore mascaras. I purchased this on sale for around $5 CAD but it is usually $7 at Walmart. This product can be purchased at a variety of places such as Walmart , target , drugstores & more. It really just depends on where you live.

This product is inexpensive in my opinion & I just love the sleek packaging. The formula is neither to dry or to liquidy. It’s just right for me. You do get a lot of excess product at the tip of the brush. It also does not irritate my eyes like some mascaras do.

The wand is a decent size. It’s no badgal size but it’s pretty big & is made of that fabric type ( so non plastic) material.

So this is my lashes after I have applied the mascara on to my lashes. Now I am truly on the fence about this mascara because I use a method I saw on YouTube to give me the lashes I want. Without using the method I found that the formula tend to make my lashes clump together, had excess mascara on the ends of my lashes and simply did not give me volume I wanted. It simply just made my lashes have some length while making it look like I had three lashes. The picture above is the mascara using the method.

The method I use is simple I simply rub of the excess mascara on a tissue. When I do this I get the length I want without the clumps of eyelashes together & mascara. I don’t get flakes & I get some volume.
Overall I am not impressed with this product. I think it’s an alright mascara but I’ve tried better. When using the method it’s a decent mascara but without it, it’s not worth the $7.
• sleek packaging
• doesn’t irritate eyes
• no flakes
• right consistency
• inexpensive
• gives length

• doesn’t add that much volume to lashes
• needs a method for it to be the best
• clumps eyelashes
• excessive amount of product is on lashes

Would I recommend this product? yes – if you don’t mind an extra step
No – if you’re looking for super volume & expect this to wow you
Would I repurchase? No


NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip balm Review


I purchased this applelicious lip balm in pink lady at Walmart for $3-4 without taxes because I am a super sucker for cute products and cute packaging. Now I would be lying if I said that I didn’t purchase this product just because of the apple.

The shade I got is pink lady, there are 9 other colours that you can choose from. On the website it says that this product is $2.99 but it all just depends in where you live. This product has 3.5 grams of product and is available in a variety of places because NYC is sold pretty much anywhere where you can purchase makeup products such as shoppers drugmart, Rexall, Walmart, target & dollar stores in my city. This is targeted as a lip balm it is decently pigmented but don’t expect lipstick pigmentation.

So this is a swatch so as you can see it is a pink shade with a shine. It isn’t a thick consistency but it is a little too sticky for my liking.Once applied to your lips you do notice there is a smell, I think it’s suppose to be apple but I found that it does have a smell but a factory smell if that makes sense. I was not impressed when I found that it did nothing for my chapped lips. It did not hydrate my lips at all but instead clung to my dry spots. Even when applying a lip balm prior to applying this product it still appeared that my lips were super chapped. The apple logo is in throughout the whole lip balm.

The lasting power is unimpressive. I got 30 mins to an hour with this product when I drank water & a little less than one and a half hours without drinking anything. Overall I wasn’t impressed by the pigmentation lasting power. There is also a strange taste that I disliked. Lastly the product comes in cheap plastic but keeping in mind that it’s only $3-4 I can’t really complain. The only concern it might break if I have it with my purse.

Short Version: Pros
• affordable
• decent amount of product
• variety of shades
• available at a variety of locations
• decently pigmented for a lip balm
• apple is cute

• not hydrating to lips even though it is advertised as a lip balm
• sticky
• weird taste
• factory ish smell
• cheap packaging
• short wear
• still dry even after another lip balm has been applied

Would I repurchase this product ? No
Do I recommend this product ? No.

Spa resource Stipple brush review

Spa resource is a brand as far as I know that can be found in Walmart. I found it at my local walmart & decided to give it a try. It was around $7.99 without taxes, which was a deal to me. It was pretty sturdy feeling & soft. Long story short was not impressed by this product. Didn’t pick up to much product, made my foundation application harder & made my foundation look streaky even when blended in. Tried several different foundations & still same results

First wash: This brush has black short bristles & long white ones. After washing the colour did not return to white. The bristles of the brush were also falling out while I was washing it and after. After the first wash the brush became very rough feeling & began to irritate my skin


Another angle


This brush has a long handle which can be a good & bad thing for some people. When left in the sun the colour of the plastic and handle did change. The plastic part use to be silver and is now a gold colour. Handle was lighter and now is darker.

But now the whole point of this post the pros and cons of this product.

• inexpensive
• long handle

• Only available at Walmart
• Sheds during first wash & after
• After first wash no longer soft & irritates my skin
• Doesn’t have that flawless makeup application affect.

Would I repurchase?No
Do u recommend? absolutely not you’re money could be spent elsewhere.