MAC Cosmetics store/counter experience!

Warning: May be long for some people!

So, I’m just going to start by saying that this was my experience at the MAC store/counter.

I think everyone has pretty much heard of MAC cosmetics it’s almost impossible I feel not to because quite a bit of people have their products. Who either rave about them or don’t like them. Now personally when I first started out with makeup I must admit I wasn’t MAC’s favourite fan. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be sucked into their products. Well……I failed.  For some reason I found my self intimidated by the people who work at the MAC store. It could possibly be because they are kind of snobby, seem to look down on you and are a bit rude. Now I know that this might not be the case for some people but sadly that’s how they act in my city.

I’ve been to 3 counters and 1 MAC store. From all of those times only 1 counter was not rude to me and all that other jazz. To me I find that incredible! The mac store I went to the lady was a complete idiot (sorry) not only did she give me the wrong shade for my skin but she applied it wrong and was completely rude to me and my friend. Thankfully I went to a MAC counter where I asked another lady if she could help me get my right shade because the concealer she put on me didn’t do anything for me. This lady was so patient with me and told me which way was best (for her) to apply her makeup. She also explained several other things.

Finally! I got the right shade. nonetheless I do have to say that I am not impressed with MAC’s customer service. This is people who are suppose to be trained? Ya right. From now on I’ll be either buying my products from the website or go back to the mac counter. It is upsetting to know that they’ll be rude to you because your younger and they might possibly thing you don’t know anything.!

So concluding this post I’d like to thank that one mac person who was so nice! Keep coming back to read, more reviews are one there way! (:

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