Sally Girl Mini Squeeze Tube Lip Gloss Review

Sally girl hydrating lip gloss also known as Sally Girl Mini Squeeze Tube Lip Gloss can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supplies and is usually right next to the cashier register. I bought this lipgloss for $1.39 CAD/$0.99 US.  They have 11 other shades at their store. For some reason on the packaging it doesn’t tell you what shade you got so if you like it you have to remember what the colour looks like.

You get .20FL.oz  for $1.39 CAD is pretty good price! There is nothing special about the packaging aside from it being mini. Which is one of the reasons I picked it up because it was cute and easy to carry around.

In the first picture is the colour you get when it’s not spread out and then the second is spread out. As you can see once you have spread it out you can’t really see the colour. Just a very light to sheer pink with sparkles. Lasting power is around an hour to an hour and a half.

Perhaps with another shade the pigmentation would be better than this light pink colour.

CONS: – Its kinda of sticky but not unbearable.

– doesn’t have the best pigmentation

– Colour name isn’t on the packaging.

– Doesn’t hydrate your lips

– Not the best lasting power

PROS: – It’s an inexpensive lipgloss that does the job

– Makes you lip look nice

– Mini so fits in your pocket

– Quite a bit of product for such a small lipgloss

FINAL VERDICT: Would I repurchase this: No (didn’t quite meet my expectations but for the price can’t complain too much)

Would I recommend this: Yes/No

Yes: If your looking for a simple lipgloss that can get the job done and provides shimmer on you lips.

No: If you’re looking for something that’s not sticky, very pigmented or has a long-lasting power.

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion & I purchased this with my own money.


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