Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial moisturizing Hand lotion in Sweet Pea Review

To start off with all of their products have a scent and you can actually smell it!!!

Here it is The Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion for $4.00 US/$5.50 CAD (Not to sure so don’t hold it against me) 2 fl oz. / 59 mL .I actually got this as a present for Christmas and it was in a set.

To start with I am completely in love with Bath and Body Works. I also find myself getting something every time I go in! So when I got this I was so excited because my sister had gotten one in warm vanilla sugar and it was awesome! To start with the smell Sweet pea is amazing I wasn’t the biggest fan at first but now I love it.

In the beginning after I would put the lotion on my hands and it would dry for some reason I felt like the feeling you get after you play with sand (sorry only way I can kind of describe it). For some reason now I don’t get that feeling.

This does really moisturize my hands and leaves this wonderful smell. The smell doesn’t last very long (depending which scent) on your hand which may or may not be  bad thing.  As for being a hand sanitizer I think it also does a great job granted you can’t completely get rid of bacteria but it does a pretty good job.

CONS: – Bath and body work shops may not be in your city

– At first kind of sand feeling on hands

– Smell doesn’t last very long

PROS: – Smells amazing

– Doesn’t irritate my nose

– Many options for scents

– moisturize hands

– Replacement for hand sanitizer without the nasty alcohol smell

– Pretty decent price for what it does

– Last a while (product)

– Gets rid of some bacteria


Would I repurchase: Yes (love to try other scents)

Would I recommmend: Yes

This is my honest opinion & this was given to me as a gift from my friend


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