MAC Cosmetics store/counter experience!

Warning: May be long for some people!

So, I’m just going to start by saying that this was my experience at the MAC store/counter.

I think everyone has pretty much heard of MAC cosmetics it’s almost impossible I feel not to because quite a bit of people have their products. Who either rave about them or don’t like them. Now personally when I first started out with makeup I must admit I wasn’t MAC’s favourite fan. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be sucked into their products. Well……I failed.  For some reason I found my self intimidated by the people who work at the MAC store. It could possibly be because they are kind of snobby, seem to look down on you and are a bit rude. Now I know that this might not be the case for some people but sadly that’s how they act in my city.

I’ve been to 3 counters and 1 MAC store. From all of those times only 1 counter was not rude to me and all that other jazz. To me I find that incredible! The mac store I went to the lady was a complete idiot (sorry) not only did she give me the wrong shade for my skin but she applied it wrong and was completely rude to me and my friend. Thankfully I went to a MAC counter where I asked another lady if she could help me get my right shade because the concealer she put on me didn’t do anything for me. This lady was so patient with me and told me which way was best (for her) to apply her makeup. She also explained several other things.

Finally! I got the right shade. nonetheless I do have to say that I am not impressed with MAC’s customer service. This is people who are suppose to be trained? Ya right. From now on I’ll be either buying my products from the website or go back to the mac counter. It is upsetting to know that they’ll be rude to you because your younger and they might possibly thing you don’t know anything.!

So concluding this post I’d like to thank that one mac person who was so nice! Keep coming back to read, more reviews are one there way! (:

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Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial moisturizing Hand lotion in Sweet Pea Review

To start off with all of their products have a scent and you can actually smell it!!!

Here it is The Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion for $4.00 US/$5.50 CAD (Not to sure so don’t hold it against me) 2 fl oz. / 59 mL .I actually got this as a present for Christmas and it was in a set.

To start with I am completely in love with Bath and Body Works. I also find myself getting something every time I go in! So when I got this I was so excited because my sister had gotten one in warm vanilla sugar and it was awesome! To start with the smell Sweet pea is amazing I wasn’t the biggest fan at first but now I love it.

In the beginning after I would put the lotion on my hands and it would dry for some reason I felt like the feeling you get after you play with sand (sorry only way I can kind of describe it). For some reason now I don’t get that feeling.

This does really moisturize my hands and leaves this wonderful smell. The smell doesn’t last very long (depending which scent) on your hand which may or may not be  bad thing.  As for being a hand sanitizer I think it also does a great job granted you can’t completely get rid of bacteria but it does a pretty good job.

CONS: – Bath and body work shops may not be in your city

– At first kind of sand feeling on hands

– Smell doesn’t last very long

PROS: – Smells amazing

– Doesn’t irritate my nose

– Many options for scents

– moisturize hands

– Replacement for hand sanitizer without the nasty alcohol smell

– Pretty decent price for what it does

– Last a while (product)

– Gets rid of some bacteria


Would I repurchase: Yes (love to try other scents)

Would I recommmend: Yes

This is my honest opinion & this was given to me as a gift from my friend

Sally Girl Mini Squeeze Tube Lip Gloss Review

Sally girl hydrating lip gloss also known as Sally Girl Mini Squeeze Tube Lip Gloss can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supplies and is usually right next to the cashier register. I bought this lipgloss for $1.39 CAD/$0.99 US.  They have 11 other shades at their store. For some reason on the packaging it doesn’t tell you what shade you got so if you like it you have to remember what the colour looks like.

You get .20FL.oz  for $1.39 CAD is pretty good price! There is nothing special about the packaging aside from it being mini. Which is one of the reasons I picked it up because it was cute and easy to carry around.

In the first picture is the colour you get when it’s not spread out and then the second is spread out. As you can see once you have spread it out you can’t really see the colour. Just a very light to sheer pink with sparkles. Lasting power is around an hour to an hour and a half.

Perhaps with another shade the pigmentation would be better than this light pink colour.

CONS: – Its kinda of sticky but not unbearable.

– doesn’t have the best pigmentation

– Colour name isn’t on the packaging.

– Doesn’t hydrate your lips

– Not the best lasting power

PROS: – It’s an inexpensive lipgloss that does the job

– Makes you lip look nice

– Mini so fits in your pocket

– Quite a bit of product for such a small lipgloss

FINAL VERDICT: Would I repurchase this: No (didn’t quite meet my expectations but for the price can’t complain too much)

Would I recommend this: Yes/No

Yes: If your looking for a simple lipgloss that can get the job done and provides shimmer on you lips.

No: If you’re looking for something that’s not sticky, very pigmented or has a long-lasting power.

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion & I purchased this with my own money.

New York Color Lip Slider Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Coated – Review

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any reviews but I’m back and ready to continue my reviews (:

Anyway carrying on the real purpose of my post is to talk about the New York Color Lip Slider Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Coated.Usually while I’m strolling down the cosmetics section of Wal-Mart I always find that NYC cosmetics are usually all over the place and is a mess. I decided to try and test out this product though because I thought it could be in a way a dupe for one of ELF’s lip products that seem to be discontinued.

This shade is in Sugar Coated which is this wonderful baby pink colour. I bought it at my walmart for $2.64 CAD but when I tried to go on their website to get a precise price it was no longer on the website so I assume they discontinued it but still remains in stock for certain stores.

So, this product is supposed to give you a tint and it does but in my experience it only lasted for about maybe 10 minutes? The sad thing is I’m not even kidding….

(colour is actually true)

You get 9 g of product. The packaging looks cheap and I always felt like any minute the plastic part was going to break and ruin the balm.

CONS: The packaging can be a major con for some people who don’t really like to use their fingers and dip it in the product. Which is understandable because not only do your fingers get dirty as well you can get bacteria in it.

Sticky I can’t stress this enough! the product is so sticky that u immediately have to wash your hand afterwards with soap and even then you can still feel it on your fingers.

Melts : For some reason even when it is -30 here in Canada this is always melting! it actually melts like the glaciers (heheh!)

Spills: The crazy thing is that this actually manages to get outside its little tin and gets all around it! Which is probably due to the melting.

Tint lasting power: I’m upset to say that the tint lasting power isn’t that great. I think I can say that it stayed on for around maybe 10 minutes? By just licking your lips makes it fade.

Pigmentation: For the most part the pigmentation isn’t the best if you want that baby pink colour. If you do you have to slather the lip balm onto your lips to get that perfect pink!


Price: I don’t feel like I got to ripped off because it was only $2.64 CAD

Amount: You get a quite of bit of product


Would I repurchase this again: NOPE!

Would I recommend this product: NO

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion & I purchased this with my own money.