WildFlower Drizzy Case Review

Hey lovelies! I really wanted to share my experience with purchasing from Wildflower, I thought it would be nice to have a review up since there aren’t very many. WildFlower started off as a small business and has quickly become popular, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and famous Youtubers using their cases. With the Canadian dollar being in the gutter I was hesitant to purchase a case, however, I quickly changed my mind when I realized they had a drake case. I’ve been a huge fan of drake since his Degrassi days, what can I say the fangirl in me led me to purchase the case. Now their cases are $35USD and shipping to Canada is $9.99USD. After the conversion I ended up paying almost $60CAD. Yes, this may be a tad bit pricey but I’ve paid almost that much for Kate Spade cases before.  When my packaged arrived it came in this white bubble mailer. After making your purchase they send you a coupon to get, I believe 10% off your next order.

They wrapped my case in this tissue, using the sticker to close it.

They also sell stickers that you can add on to your order but they provide you with three complimentary stickers. They’re a nice size, almost the size of my palms.

This is the case itself, now the picture does not do it justice. The back is a glossy plastic while the inside is a fabric. It has a black border that is raised to give your screen some protection if it were to fall. There are only two things I wanted to comment on. The first thing being the difficulty of pushing the buttons, however, I am already noticing my power button is “breaking in.” I’m assuming that eventually it’ll be easier to push. The second thing I wanted to comment on was the shipping, I am fully aware that they have no control over shipping but I did want to make a comment on it. I purchased the case April 15 and was happy to know it came with tracking but after April 22 when it had entered Canadian customs, I did not know where my package was until it arrived May 5th. I’m assuming the tracking is only good if it is within the states, something to keep in mind for Canadian buyers or other countries outside the U.S. Overall, I am super excited to finally have my case!


IKEA Stodja Flatware Tray Interior Organizer as Interior Organizer

Hello Beauties! I wanted to share an affordable interior organizer for the Alex makeup drawers. For ages I had been search for something that wasn’t $20 per acrylic organizer and I’m glad I found it. This tray retails for $3.99 in Canadian Ikea’s. It is 11×20″ so it fits perfectly in the Ikea Alex drawers. It is made out of a plastic material and come sin only white.

There are five sections in the tray to put your makeup in. I love that i finally found something that wasn’t expensive, has more than enough room to fit things and that fits perfectly in the drawer! If you’re looking for somewhere to store your makeup in, give this a try.

Mini Essie & Real Techniques Haul 

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted a beauty related post in a while so I decided to share this little mini haul. I picked up this Real Techniques Silicon Liner Brush. I purchased this for $10.49CAD before tax at Rexall. The cool thing about this is that its unlike any other liner brush I have seen. It’s made out of silicon instead of the bristles that it is usually made of.

I also picked up 3 Essie polishes and I am super excited to try these colours out. From left to right I Topless & Barefoot, Mint Candy Apple, and In the Lobby. I purchased Topless and Barefoot from Rexall for $11.99 CAD before tax. Then Mint Candy Apple and In the Lobby from Walmart for $8.49CAD before tax. Now I know lately I haven’t been on top of things because it has been crazy but I do plan on posting it just won’t be like the old schedule. Reviews will hopefully be up in the upcoming months! Until next time beauties!

Etsy Planner Sticker Haul

Hey all ! I am once again back with another planner sticker haul. This has quickly become a huge addiction but also an outlet. Starting with BellaDiva Designs Paper Co, I was super impressed how she included the card stock to protect the stickers but also made it into her business card and thank you card.

From her shop located in Ontario (Yay Canadian sellers!) I ordered her road trip stickers and credit card. I ordered from her shop on the 12th of August and received it in the mail on 18th of august. Which is such an incredible shipping time and processing time but I also do live in the same province as her so I guess it is average. My stickers came in a purple paper envelope and she also included some single freebies that can be seen above. Her paper quality is honestly one of the best that I have ever ordered from! 

The next shop I ordered from is Let’s Plan It, who is also another Canadian seller! i just love the colours of her stickers, they are one of my favourite! I’ve purchased from her before but this time I ordered two sheets of her planner stickers. My order came in a paper envelope which included a thank you card, freebie and a business card. I was super excited to see that she started making her business card! I ordered from her August 17th and received my order on the 25th.

Budget Friendly Plans is a Canadian seller located in Niagara Falls, I purchased her credit card stickers. My stickers came in a bubble mailer with card stock to protect my stickers, which is awesome because it provides more protection. She included her business card, a thank you card and some freebies. I ordered from her August 12 and received my stickers August 18th.

Planner Stickers Plus is a Canadian shop whom I ordered from on August 12th and received my stickers on August 18th.  I ordered her pink and gold full boxes, her movie variety set and balloon stickers. She included a thank you card and some freebies.

I love her balloon stickers, probably one of the best I have seen so far!   Planner Stickies is also a Canadian seller and I was so excited to have found her shop! She has the best characters for such an affordable price! I purchased them each for $3.00! I purchased the Beauty and the beast, Lion King, Super Mario inspired stickers and some donut ones. I ordered from her on August 20 and received my stickers on August 25.

My stickers came in a paper envelope with a clear plastic but not like some of the other ones it was more of a sandwich bag but not really one if that makes any sense. She did not include a business card or thank you card but she did include a freebie. Her stickers are the cutest! 

A Sticky Monster is a shop that I have ordered from previously and she has great stickers for an affordable price. I ordered her movie marquee, film reel and her travel set. She included her business card, some freebies but no thank you card. My stickers came in a harder envelope (the ones thicker than card stock) wrapped in the plastic. I ordered from her on August 10th and received my package on August 20.

Now I am not one to go crazy for Kawaii stickers but I came across this shop Stick With Me Shop and I went crazy! Not only are her stickers super affordable for the amount you get, she is also Canadian and located in Toronto! I purchased 2 different sheets of her university/college stickers, money variety, clean brushes and some movie ones. 

I ordered from her on August 10th and received them on August 20th. In this case the processing time took longer than the shipping but I can’t blame her this is one of the only Kawaii shops that I do enjoy very much! My stickers came in a paper envelope and she used card stock to print my invoice and use that as another layer of protection for my stickers aside from the plastic she used to wrap them. She included a thank you sticker with some freebies. I definitely recommend for you fellow planners to check her shop out!

Paper n Roses is a new shop that is located in Toronto and I took full advantage of her opening sale ! She was super sweet and provided me with awesome customer service when it came to my purchase! I ordered her heart full boxes, heart washi, engagement rings, her wedding full box stickers, and her pink and gold sticker set which is sold separately but she has the washi, full boxes, heart checklist and and headers.   

As you can see this is her full boxes and I just fell in love with them!
IMG_6980    Above are the images of her gold and pink set and I really do like the quality of her stickers for such a wonderful price. 

I ordered from her August 14 and I received my stickers on August 21. She packaged them in a paper envelope with card stock to protect and a hand written thank you card but no business card. She included her glossy freebie and another freebie sheet that I believe you need to have written a code on the notes which I did not or something that i felt I didn’t qualify for but she was so sweet and included it in my order.  

Paper Loving Mommy has got to be one of my favourite shops and the quality of her stickers are out of this world. If I could purchase everything in her shop I would! I ordered from her on August 12th and received my package on August 27th. I ordered her weekend banner, Mint Rose Series and her to do half boxes. She did not included a business or thank you card but she did include a freebie. My stickers came in a hard envelope covered in plastic. I am in love with her shop and definitely recommend it to everyone. She does have tracking on her shipping but I did find that it was kind of slow to update you by a couple of days, which by no means is her fault. Her prices are a little higher compared to some of the other shops I have mentioned but it is worth it!

Planner Press stickers were ordered August 14th and I received them on August 27. It came packaged in a hard envelope and included her freebie with a bookmark that has her business information and some other stuff. Her heart weekend banners are to die for! 

Nicole hutch Designs stickers were ordered on August 12th and I received them on August 28th. I ordered her Pink Lemonade full boxes and and her weekly kit in glossy. My stickers came in a paper envelope, card stock to protect and some plastic. She included her business card, thank you card, freebie and this memo card stock which I am not 100% sure what I will use it for. I cannot wait to use this in a spread!

Organised Chaotic Fun (Spelt that exact way) is the last shop i’ll be talking about. I ordered from the shop on August 18th and received it on August 28th which I would say is pretty good because she is located in Australia. I ordered her princess set, Wizard of OZ inspired set and some Kawaii weather stickers. My package came in a paper envelope and she did not include a business card, thank you card or freebie.

So finally this is the last of my massive sticker haul! I have very quickly become obsessed with planning! Until next time!

MAMBI Happy Planner Overview & First Impression

Hey Planner Addicts! Today I will be doing an overview and first impressions on the MAMBI Happy Planner that I recently picked up. A couple of weeks ago I made another post about the Ban.Do planner that I had purchased and don’t get my wrong that is an awesome planner for those who really like the horizontal layout but I’ve had my heart set on a vertical layout ever since I set my eyes on the Erin Condren. Unwillingly to pay the almost $91 at the time because of the planner itself, shipping and conversion I wanted to look into alternatives. A lot of people suggested the Plum Paper Planner but unfortunately it was going to be roughly the same, maybe $10-$15 cheaper. When I was ready to lose hope I found the MAMBI Happy Planner online! it was priced at $24.99 online and a fellow blogger had posted a ton of pictures of their product on their blog on Michaels. Thankfully my Michaels is one of the few cities in Canada that do have the planners! Priced at $34.95CAD before tax was a steal and Michaels is amazing they always have coupons so I used a 30% off coupon and got the planner for $27CAD with taxes! There are 4 different cover options for this planner. I went with everyday is a gift planner. The front and back are laminated which I love!

The coils are plastic and have hearts. One thing that makes this planner great is that it is customizable because you can actually remove or add the pages! I haven’t added any pages but it is really nice to know that I have that option. You can also change the coils, I believe they are roughly $9CAD before taxes at Michaels. 

This is the first page that has the 2015-2016 on it. On the sides you can see there are actually tabs for each month and I love that it is slightly thicker.
  This is the second page of the planner. One thing I did notice versus the Ban.do planner there is pretty much no artwork but it’s still amazing. 

Now this planner starts in July but I removed it because I got in August so I didn’t feel there was a need to keep it. All the months have this page where on the top it gives you the previous monthly view, current and upcoming. They give you space for birthdays, special events, important dates, don’t forget and goals for each month. I’m not sure if I’ll use this much but it’s a great option to have because there is no notes pages. 

They have a monthly view that had a space for notes on the side. 

Lastly what makes this so much like the Erin condren is the vertical layout which is what I fell in love with ! The boxes are slightly taller but the width is the same. On the left side it has the monthly view and some space to write notes. It does have the morning, afternoon and evening spots like the old Erin condren which I know annoyed some people but personally it doesn’t really bother me. It also has slightly coloured weekend boxes to match the colour scheme but personally doesn’t bother me and can be easily covered up if I wanted to do a different colour scheme. One thing to add is that the days of the week is also black so makes it a lot easier to plan different colours. One thing I do worry about with this planner is how long the pages are going to hold because they do have a little slit to remove and add so I’m worried that after a couple months it’ll fall out. Overall I am super impressed and excited to continue to plan in this planner! It is definitely a great alternative to to Erin condren. Happy planning planners !

Incredible By Victoria Secret Front Close Sport Bra Review

Hey all, today I’m coming back with this sports bra from Victoria Secret! Now a few months back I had written up a review on one of Victoria Secrets other bras then they released this bra. It retails for $59.95 CAD without taxes. What makes this sports bra probably one of the best is that it had a zipper at the front which allows for you to easily remove it. Currently they have 15 colours but I assume that changes and is categorized as one of their maximum support bras. I’ve machine washed it several times and it is still going strong.

There are adjustable straps and a cushion wire to help with cushioned support. Overall it’s an extremely comfortable bra and helps a lot more with the shoulder blade pain I was feeling with the other bra. Although it does have the higher price tag compared to other companies I would say it is definitely worth it. It does a fantastic job in supporting while working out. The only thing I do have to say is a con is that at first it was kind of hard to take off and put on the zipper at first but then as it gets used more it is a lot better. Another thing is the straps tend to get a little twisted and you have to keep adjusting it. Overall I do recommend this sports bra!

Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser Review

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be doing a review on the Sonia Kashuk Brush and Sponge Cleanser. I picked this up way back when Target was still in Canada and boy oh boy did I find a gem. For the longest of time I had been using baby shampoo to clean my brushes and it was doing the job but at a slower pace. I picked up this cleanser with the hopes of finding a wonderful product and for $5.99CAD before tax it was a steal. For $5.99 you’re getting 150mL of product that comes with a pump because it’s a spray cleanser. This has got to be one of the greatest products I have ever picked up! It cleans my brushes so well and even when I use a lot of product I still have plenty. Doesn’t damage my brushes from what I have seen and completely takes out the stains. The only negative thing I could think of is that it isn’t available in Canada anymore because target shut down and also the spray kind of comes out very direct, instead of a mist. Overall I am so impressed with this product! I definitely recommend for you guys to pick it up. My only regret is that I didn’t stock up when I had the chance!

BAN.DO 17 Month Large Agenda – Florabunda Overview

Hello lovely readers! It is that time again, Planning Friday’s ! I think that Friday’s will now be the day for anything planning related but moving on I know a couple weeks back I posted a little sneak peak of my planner and decided that it was about time to show you the inside, especially because I haven’t seen a lot of posts or Youtube videos about this planner. Currently this is the only large agenda that is available on the website in this print. They do have 3 other agendas but are much smaller that are available on the website or in Canada Chapters also carries them for $32CAD before taxes. The front is made of a cardboard that does add some weight to the planner.

The first thing you’ll see when you open the planner is this little pocket that says You are the stars, you are the galaxy and the other side also has the pocket but no writing on it. The next page which I didn’t include was just a blank page where you out your name.     Next page includes a whole sheet of stickers that vary from size, I don’t have any immediate plans to use these stickers just because they aren’t really stickers that I would use but it’s nice to have them there as an option just in case I did want to use them.
  This page right here includes the legend to cracking the secret sentence that can be seen throughout some of the pages in the planner, I haven’t started but doesn’t seem hard.  This page is an overview of the 2016-2017 year. On the sides there are “tabs” that help you go to a month. They’re really just the paper but cut in a certain way to create these tabs.
  On this page they have a year worth and some space to jot down any major things or anything really you feel worth jotting down. As you can see on the bottom of the page theres those secret symbols.   This page is dedicated to holidays, it’s a mix of some silly ones like: hug your cat day, national strawberry day and roller coaster day but do include real ones such as: New year’s day, mother’s day and Thanksgiving. One thing to keep in mind for Canadians these are American holidays.

Throughout the whole agenda they have two pages dedicated to the month, there is usually artwork on one page and come writing on the next. This is for the month of August. What would have been on the next page if I had included it would be two one sided pages dedicated for notes and there is notes for all the months.     This is the overview of my month of August, as you can see i’ve already started jotting down some things. On the left side they give you some room to jot down any notes and below it they have the previous and the upcoming month. The different coloured boxes in the monthly view are the holidays.
 Finally the daily layout is a horizontal layout much like the new Erin Condren. As you can see I have started planning and on the bottom of the right page they had little motivational/friendly sentences. Overall I am enjoying this planner although a little on the heavier side, it doesn’t bother me and I definitely think it’s a great option if you don’t want to spend the money on the Erin Condren. Until our next Planning Friday!

Essence All About Matt! Fixing compact Powder Review 

Hey Beauties! Today I’m going to talk about the Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact powder. Now one thing I really love about Essence is just how affordable they are for the amount of product you get. I paid $3.99CAD before tax for this product and you get a whooping 8.0g of product which is amazing for the price. Essence is available in Canada at Shoppers Drugmart. Moving on to the product itself except after 3 hours my nose began to oil up but aside from that I do have to say that I overall this did help my foundation stay on approximately 9 hours but compared to others it is a bit on the chalky/powdery side and it will also cling on to dry spots on the skin. I had no problems with the white popping up it blended in perfectly.

The packaging itself is made out of plastic and after opening and closing it the lid doesn’t close anymore which is a shame because the powder can get exposed to things more easily because it won’t close. You do have to play with this to make sure you don’t look like your skin has gotten the moisture sucked out of it but it is worth a try! Although I won’t be repurchasing this immediately I do feel if you’re looking for a translucent powder to try giving this one a shot, afterall you can’t go wrong with a $4.00 powder. Until next time!

Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner Review


Hey everyone ! Today I’ll be doing a review on the Maybelinne Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner by Eyestudio. I purchased this at Walmart for roughly $8CAD before taxes and is pretty much available anywhere that Maybelline is sold at. The product itself comes in a very small bottle.

I picked up the shade black but there are an additional 5 shades: a purple, green, brown, navy and a darker teal colour. You get 1.6mL of product.


The eyeliner brush is a felt tip and is targeted as a “duo” brush to achieve a thinner side when flipped to the side or a thicker line when laid flat. The eyeliner brush itself is pretty sturdy so drawing the line was not the problem. Although a great idea it was not executed well. I found that it was very hard to get a nice line. I couldn’t really get it as thin as I wanted but instead got an extremely thick like even when I went to make a thinner line it would be light.

Here I provided some swatches. Although a great concept it doesn’t perform well. The eyeliner itself is far too light to be used. I found myself going over it multiply times to get the black to not look streaky on my lid. I did several swatches, the long line being the “thicker” part of the brush and the short line being the “thinner” part. Another interesting I found about this eyeliner is that I found it basically peeling off. It didn’t require much makeup remover because it would just peel off. Although a warning to oily lids out there it’s a disaster waiting to happen! I could tell it was fading even more especially because this product isn’t the most pigmented. Overall I wasn’t really impressed with this product and I don’t recommend giving it a try. Until next time !